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Thread: 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1 RS

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    Annoyed....cant see the pics, but this is an excellent thread.

    But a Evo 1RS is on the list of cars I want to own....but getting hard and harder to find one.....
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    Excellent thread. Fair play.

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    A great stable you have fair play!

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    Awesome story (and car!). Love the fact that you were trawling auction sites in Japan for an RS and one turns up in the arse end of Longford

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    Great read & a true labour of love...

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    savage thread, great work!
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
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    Great read, great effort, does it pass the NCT
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    Really enjoyed that thread.Thanks.
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    Thanks lads, I truly had forgotten how long I have owned it. It was a massive giggle it turning up in Longford, especially 10mins away from a good mate of mine too. I had basically been told by the early evo forum to forget looking for an RS, i could be waiting years! When i popped up again a few weeks later with an E1RS it was a shock.

    Im unsure on it passing the NCT, ive a bit of work to do first before I re register it in Ireland. Currently declared SORN in UK. First issue is its sat in my garage desperately needing a clutch. Incidentally the new clutch is sat in the boot. Time time time time is all it needs.

    I have a list as long as my arm to do with it, Im currently trying to decide which direction to bring it in. Living in Ireland makes a full dedicated track car utterly pointless given the lack of tracks. Apologies but Mondello quickly gets boring the more you visit it.

    The first train of thoughts for it is the Retro Rally scene. It seems to be gaining in popularity. Road going replicas of the classic rally cars. That way i can keep it track ready but still attend classic shows and get my fill of driving it elsewhere than the track. Oh and i need to get back to Germany asap with it!

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    some great work here... its a great feeling developing a car.... keep it up...

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