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Thread: Ducati Monster 821.

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    Lovely machine, I had one a 1200s for about 10 weeks and I loved it.

    They're a very nice machine. Much more comfortable than I expected and capable of long run. I did a 500km day and it took it in its stride.

    The quick shift is so addictive, lovely pops and bangs on the overrun. Great handling, so good through the twisties.

    My only criticism was no cruise control, there's no excuse for not having it and I would have loved the option of adaptive damping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfaguy View Post
    WOW - used it in sport mode for the first time today - don't think I will be going back to urban or touring modes ever again unless I get caught in a hurricane. Unlikely as I don't use the bikes in bad weather.
    I switched mine to Rain mode in a downpour on Tuesday, and didnt like it, was nearly stalling coming out of junctions, and then over-compensating - I reckon last thing you need in the rain is a different throttle map or feeling, I'd much rather know what to expect and be able to manage it, and make sure I'm focused on the conditions around me. Maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to, but first impression wasnt great.

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    So being spoiled with the Triumph's gear indicator I was driving around on the ducati without ever knowing exactly what gear I was in. I remember what a pain this was in the Bandit but back then that was just the way things were - no gear indicators no matter what bike you got.
    So I am coaching myself to count the gears on the Ducati as I change up and down. I hope that by persevering and being a bit militaristic about this that over time this will come like second nature without ever needing to even think about it too much.

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    New rubber front and rear - Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's

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    Any attempt to take the Ducati out of the garage lately is like flicking a switch for the rain to start. Today all I got to do was open the garage door and it started like clockwork. So I had to abandon my bike trip.

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    Make sure to take it easy for a while with new tyres.

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