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Thread: What did you do to your MotorBike today?

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    Finally had a chance to spend some time with my favourite bike at the moment KTM 790 Adventure R, I seriously can't get over how great this bike is. I toured Madagascar on this bike and it's equally capable there as here on Irish roads, it's actually pretty much perfect bike for Irish roads with great suspension, quickshifter up&down and super light feel. 790 engine is no slow and it can deliver proper power whenever you need. I might just change the handlebars as it seems like it's little bit to low for my height, the bike itself sits very hight (the "S" version is lower so much more suited for smaller riders).
    Any car that merely takes you from A-B does not go far enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyt View Post
    I hope its only a temporary and not too expensive hiatus! What do you make of the 1190? I have not been able to warm to them yet at all, I had a 990 Adventure S that was nuts, so much fun to ride but I swear it was out to kill me - I sold it to a guy who had his previous one nicked and it too got lifted a few weeks ago it seems they are a handy target
    That would ruin me. Getting two of the same bike stolen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny_Limerick View Post
    That would ruin me. Getting two of the same bike stolen.
    ONE of ANY description would leave me fit to be tied.

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    So dropped the bike off on the 9th.

    Major on going issue with it after the last map.
    To be fair it made 108bhp and all was good on dyno.
    Plus road for a while.

    A few weeks later... an issue developed.
    I thought it was rear spin in the wet. I was wrong!

    Anything beyond 9500/10000rpm, engine started hesitating...

    Mapper and myself were very confused..!!

    (If you have to ask why anybody needs over 10k RPM) look away!


    Dyno tests etc proved the road fault.

    Further tests and removing parts of the quick shifter one by one solved the issue.

    Translogic shifter, all sent back to the main land.

    Once the brain of the shifter was removed, all went well.

    On the dyno... reached 165mph in 6th.

    Hope my warranty problem is sorted as the bike is dead with the shifter installed.

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    Those things only come to life at 10k and above sure.. Glad you got to the bottom of it grahamo.

    I lubed my chain today. (And no - that's not code for anything non bike-related)

    As an aside - also started to get my head round using the quick action throttle properly. I think I've finally figured out how to trail a bit of brake into the corners, and then come off the brake and feed in the throttle smoothly without getting a lurch in the middle. Has only taken about a year..

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    Quote Originally Posted by -alan- View Post
    Has only taken about a year..
    Ah, but for a man of your years, that's a fair achievement.

    Keep it up pops.

    And no, that's not a code for anything non bike-related either!

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    (At least I wised up and got rid of my Grandpa cruiser Pedro.. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by -alan- View Post

    (At least I wised up and got rid of my Grandpa cruiser Pedro.. )
    And I'll have to admit that I thought I was buying a Grandpa cruiser too.

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    Chain cleaning and waxed. Full vulcanet clean down and silicon polish applied liberally. Tyre pressures checked and topped up and fuel tank brimmed....all ready for a spin. Then it rains!!!!

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