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Thread: Opinions on value of 03 focus 1.6 with 50k miles

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    I'd say you would be lucky to get 1500. Anything older than 04 is tough to insure. It's 1.6 and petrol. I personally wouldn't entertain a 1.4 in these but Irish people in general can't see past anything other than road tax.

    There was and maybe still is a 00 escort with 13k miles for sale near to me for near 2 years now guy is looking 1300 quid for it no sign of a buyer yet.

    Keep us posted and best of luck with the sale.
    Was kinda hoping to get close to a grand for it couldn't see anyone paying much more for a car of this age just seems a real
    shame that a genuine low mileage car is only worth the same as a high mileage wreck but I guess that's the mentality in this country it's all based on what the cheapest on done deal is going for

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    The only way to find out is to put it up for sale. You can always lower the price later.
    I'm with the resistance

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    I'll be selling a 2005 MK2 focus hatchback in the next few weeks, 12 months test and few months tax, 4 recent tires, a few marks etc and I don't think I'll get near €1000 for it as its a 1.6 petrol. Unfortunately the backside has dropped out of cars that are 10+ years old.

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    Insurance on older cars at the moment is not going to help the sale. But imagine given you have some tax and test and low mileage, that it is worth a grand. But may have to wait for right buyer. Stick it up and see if you get any bits.

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    Joking aside, I'd pitch it at around a grand and highlight the FSH, no immediate spend needed, good tyres, etc. See how it goes.
    Almost can guarantee you will get a barrage of callers with very lowball offers and have conversations bordering on the insulting, and some of those callers being nocturnal.

    Sounds like a nice car though. I'd nearly offer you 350 myself just to take the pain away.

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    I traded in a 02 Focus 1.6 petrol with 60K miles for my mother - very clean, apart from the usual rotting boot due to water ingress. The guy asked what I thought it was worth, and we agreed on a grand.....

    He did mention that he would find it very hard to trade, due to the difficulty of people getting insurance on it. As a result, he has kept it as a loan car to clients. The mother now has a 151 Golf and is much happier!

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    If you can afford to, keep it, put it in a nice dry shed, take it out in 15 years time, throw dust over it, and advertise it as a "barn find".

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    €999, but first 500 you get offered take it.

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    I'm looking to pick up something cheap before I'm back to the UK on Tuesday.
    PM sent

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    Just to update this put the car up for €1100 and the first viewer fell in love with it and paid €950 for it so goes to show a good well minded car is still worth a premium over a higher mileage rougher example.

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