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Thread: Gary moving to Clare

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    Gary moving to Clare

    Hi all

    Been a long time lurker and have chuckled at some of the humour

    Moving from Uk to just outside Lisdoonvarna - two weeks today.

    Have Honda Civic and Honda Jazz. Looking to buy Mx5 once settled.

    Looking forward to meeting folka at Cars and Coffee. Guess Galway will be my nearest

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    Limerick will be good for your C&C fix top. And although I have never made a Limerick C&C, it seems to get the most amazing cars.

    Welcome to backroads!

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    Welcome aboard

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    welcome , might see you at C&C Galway.

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    Welcome... Mx-5...youll fit right in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRD3000GT View Post

    Thanks all for the welcome

    That cartoon has me quite worried

    Should I be reconsidering the MX5?

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    Not really - more like all Mazdas. And Toyotas.

    Welcome sire

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    It's fecking Clare he's moving to, not Brokeback Mountain!

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    They are a great car! worst and shouted at me was "There goes Barbie" and yes the light turned red lol

    Great fun car around the back roads
    Doing it with Twins is better than being Single

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