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Thread: Opinions on value of 03 focus 1.6 with 50k miles

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    Opinions on value of 03 focus 1.6 with 50k miles

    As above the girlfriend has just bought a new car and this will be up for sale in the next couple of days. Good overall condition couple of little car park dings nothing bad interior very tidy and most importantly drives like a car with only 50k genuine miles. Nct until next year couple of months tax left. Just wondering what you all think I should advertise this for as I know old cars don't make much these days but this is such a lovely car with small miles it still has years left in it tbh if I had the parking I think
    id hold onto it as a third car.

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    Is it a saloon or hatch?
    There's no light, There's only fire!

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    Very little unfortunately, because your potential buyers will price it similarly to others for sale.
    Also, not suggesting yours is afflicted, but they rust from the inside out and the mechanical parts can easily outlast the body.

    That said, with long NCT and some tax, it should be an easy sell to someone who can get insured on it.

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    Onto donedeal. Vintage and classic section. Fast appreciation low mileage focus for sale. Original condition never restored. Dont miss your chance to own this guaranteed future classic, can be put on classic policy next year so prices will rocket.
    Don't bother with Eco, it's not very nice, leave it in normal & drive it like you just stole it.

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    It's a 5 door hatch black in colour sunroof well spec'd car in fairness and just serviced

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    You came here looking for a sensible answer? You must be new here...

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    I'd say you would be lucky to get 1500. Anything older than 04 is tough to insure. It's 1.6 and petrol. I personally wouldn't entertain a 1.4 in these but Irish people in general can't see past anything other than road tax.

    There was and maybe still is a 00 escort with 13k miles for sale near to me for near 2 years now guy is looking 1300 quid for it no sign of a buyer yet.

    Keep us posted and best of luck with the sale.
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    Mate of mine bought an average condition 1.4 hatch with 6 months NCT for €400. Think its 100k+ miles though.

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    Nail on head.

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    That's a generous offer, Crank. Looks like a full Mars bar and unopened pack of Tayto.

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