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Thread: BMW E90 332i race car build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBoy View Post
    like many others I never noticed this thread before. with the run of luck you laid out in the opening post I think you should consider a new hobby though

    keep the details and pics coming
    I had two accidents in 6 years and thousands of laps and some trophies so not as bad as it reads.

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    Holy thread revival.
    A bit More than 2 years now since i started this build. I havent had time to do any work on it myself so iv sent the car to some one else who was brave enough to take it on.
    Its has its 335D fitted, wired etc , exhuast is partially fabricated, nitron suspension fiited,
    All safety items fitted, polycarb windows due to go in shortly. Picked up some bmw M calipers from the 135i, fitted. I Have wheels and slicks ready to go on.
    It needs an LSD, likely to be a Quaife.
    Hopfully will be doing some laps very soon.

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    Great to see Smasher, Should be a rapid machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnymcdonnell View Post
    Great to see Stephen , Should be a rapid machine

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    cool... hurry up already....

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