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Thread: Motor Insurance Gone To Hell... 2017-2020

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    Those type r's must not be insured then. Either they're telling porkies to their insurers or pulling some stroke or just plain driving then uninsured. Ditto for wrx's. Cos I've had nothing but flat "no" 's or comedy 3rd party only quotes anytime I've enquired about them. And I'm no 25 year old high risker any more

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    I eventually got cover for 690 TPFT with Bank of Ireland. I paid 650 last year. Apart from, everyone else was quoting 1,200 to 2,000 or not giving a quote in some cases. My car is a 2003 Saab 95 2.0 LPT. So not powerful or fast either! I'm a 34 year old teacher, 12 years totally clean driving.
    FBD, Axa wouldn't quote me which pissed me off.
    I did a quick quote with FBD online, where they just looked for basic personnal details and car engine size. That gave me hope when they quoted me under 600 euro, so I proceeded to do a detailed quote. When I put the exact car details in, they refused a quote.

    I requested a written explanation for their refusal. I got a reply saying that I "didn't meet their underwriting criteria." No further explanation was given.

    Out of curiosity, I went back to FBD for insurance for a 2009 Saab that is pretty much the same as my 2003 one. Similar mileage and all. FBD would quote me €640 on it, but wouldn't quote my actual car.

    Chill rang me back to see if I wanted to proceed with any of the quotes they gave me. They were between 1300 and just over 2000! I was polite to the lady on the phone, but told her what I thought of insurance companies.

    My previous insurance was with the AA. It jumped from 650 to 1180 this year. When I rang them to tell them I wasn't renewing, they didn't even ask why or try to give me a better quote. This says a lot. They don't want my business.

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    The guy that bought mine put it in his brothers name and is driving it on the 3rd party extension. I'm no spring chicken either had to pay a fortune on a basic policy. Trade policy's when they have no connection with the trade are the thing to do too it seems.

    I will say tho if ye remember the price of them spiked for a while and they have come back down. I expect the back down bit was completely down to insurance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by green-blood View Post
    And its expensive to repair them. Try getting a wing for some obscure jdm only sports coupe
    That is irrelevant w.r.t. Third Party F&T, where the big price increases occurred. It's really just an excuse to hike the premiums.

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    Anyone insuring 15 years and older? Trying to get a decent quote on a 01 golf tdi at the moment. Several places won't cover it at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepy-vtec View Post
    Anyone insuring 15 years and older? Trying to get a decent quote on a 01 golf tdi at the moment. Several places won't cover it at all.
    Liberty insured me on a 00 Punto a few months ago for 300 so definitely worth a try

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    Put your folks down as named drivers it makes a good difference it about halved my premium

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    The missus and I left Ireland in 2013, and up to then, we had no problem insuring older cars, powerful cars etc all for between €500 and €1000.

    What the hell has happened? Like seriously! The insurance companies seem to have gone rogue!
    Has something genuinely changed in the industry? If so why?

    This isn't the case here in the U.K.. where it's a very stable market.
    E.g : the premium on the 328 is cheap and my Mrs is changing cars next month and hers is the same price even though it's a more expensive car with a larger engine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monza View Post
    An Post were not great with the quote they offered me. It was 3 times my renewal!
    An Post were the best in my case... though still 50% higher that previous year policy with AIG.
    That shows, it is not a case of one fit for all. Monkey business.

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