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Thread: Motor Insurance Gone To Hell... 2017-2020

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    Motor Insurance Gone To Hell... 2017-2020

    Just got the yearly renewal quote for my Alfa GT from the AA (axa) and its gone up again. It has doubled in the last two years and nothing has changed at my end. No accidents and very low mileage.

    Just wondering if most people are seeing the same and any recommendations for a company who generally give reasonable quote.

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    Got mine with An Post this year, underwritten by Aviva but who were €250 dearer for exact same policy on my renewal quote from them, queried it with them but they wouldn't match An Posts quote or even budge on the renewal quote price, makes no sense what so ever!

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    Try, I got a quote from them that was 1/3 of my renewal.

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    An Post were not great with the quote they offered me. It was 3 times my renewal!

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    Thats really bad ,my quote from Axa is 60 quid up on last year ,but there is no way i will go down without a battle.
    Its getting to the stage where they have people expecting a rise year on year and its starting to become the norm.
    If its going to be third party only ,with a ncb protection ,so be it.
    Driving of other cars is only nice for a test drive,in most cases if you buy the car then the driving of other cars is of no use as you have to put the insurance on that car as you have signed the tax book.
    Glass break ,when does that happen and there is always the scrapper.
    Maybe its just time to be as careful as possible and give those fooks as little as possible.

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    It's pot luck best thing is to sit down for an hour or so and get quotes off them all. I love jap imports but to be honest after the ordeal I went through to get the Type R insured last year I just can't see it happening.

    Just try them all is my advise I don't think I have been with the same insurance company two yr in a row since I started driving over 10 years ago. Just make sure your getting the best deal sometimes the cheapest policy isn't the best.

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    Why do insurance companies hike the price on Jap imports? I've never understood that one.

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    From what i know about Jap imports and insurance.
    Years ago when jap imports first came to Ireland ,the insurance companies didnt know what was what and they were in no way geared up for what was to come.
    Toyota s came in many different forms ex, corolla 1.8 20 valves i think .Insurance had no clue and i think they just gave a quote on a 1.8 corolla.
    So they were giving cheap enough quotes on cars that were quiet powerful.
    Then the claims came in and Jap imports got the big black mark.
    Also very little security on jab imports.
    Honda,mazda,nissan,toyota,taken from their owners and crashed and burned if the owner was lucky.On the burned part I mean.

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    And its expensive to repair them. Try getting a wing for some obscure jdm only sports coupe

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    One company who were fairly upfront with me said that cars are grouped 1 to 50 in Ireland 1 being the lowest risk and 50 being the highest. An Integra Type R is a 50. I even had "Have you not heard the story about them in the news recently about the guy that was held at knifepoint for one and thrown out of it on the m50", Followed by " Any supercar you can think of in the world is probably easier to insure than your Integra". I was thinking it's a 90's honda 1.8 come on FFS it's not an F50.

    They kind of had a point tho.

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