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Thread: BMW i8: experiences, thoughts, etc as cure to mid-life crisis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken997 View Post
    Great video that..makes me want to save up and buy a 918 ��
    Thanks for taking the time for the write up Ken, I love the look of the them and you have most certainly peeked my interest. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon E View Post
    Oh and do you mind me asking who you have it insured with at that kind of price? I know it will all depend on circumstances and claims etc but I would imagine phoning a few of the main stream companies and mentioning BMW i8 that they would just hang up the phone on you!
    I got a quick guide quote last week from my broker, as a new policy (i.e. no N/C) of €2k. So if I was transferring an existing policy with full N/C, you can half that. No points, no claims, etc etc
    They indicated most companies will not quote.

    And a bit of hunting around would probably find a better quote. However I expect the thought of repairing a bit of CF bodywork might scare some.

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    The cheap tax is a winner anyway!
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    See production of the i8 is finishing up in April.

    Hard to believe it's been in production for seven years.

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    Sad in some ways, but I still have mixed views on the i8. I feel like BMW could have done so much more with it, especially after talking to some of the engineers that quietly developed some more interesting prototype derivatives of it. I wonder what the values will be like in a few more years and how it will be seen in the future.

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    What else were they planning?

    Different engine instead of the 3 cylinder Mini one?

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    Not so much officially planning, more of a skunkworks thing of stuff they had made to show the product people. Much larger engines/power outputs etc, including a hydrogen one.
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    Some of those could have been interesting 😉

    Wasnt the 1M a sort of skunkworks car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    What else were they planning?

    Different engine instead of the 3 cylinder Mini one?
    There is an i4 coming, but have not seen any pictures yet..
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    There is an i4 coming, due in 2021 with an 80kWh battery. More details along with pics of it and the electric SUV (possibly to be called the iX) here:

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