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Thread: Campervan insurance

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    Campervan insurance

    Hello all,

    just wondering who people have their campers insured with? Currently have our own camper insured with Allianz but we are looking to not renew the policy as the vehicle needs a lot of work which we think will take the guts of a year.

    The problem is that the camper is a conversion and was an absolute nightmare to insure when we first got the policy out 5 years ago. Our only concern is that if the policy does lapse that we wont be able to insure it again.

    Now the vehicle has been changed on the logbook to be a campervan but when companies hear that it is a conversion they pretty much refuse to insure it.

    So my question is - Are we better off renewing the policy or trying to insure again when all the work has been completed on it?

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    If it does not have a high roof or a poptop, you will find it very limited, to who will insure you.

    For what it costs, it really is not worth the hassle to let it lapse.


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    I've been insured with Axa via Dolmen for the past 4-5 years, very easy to deal with but ours is a factory build. It might be worth giving Dolmen a call, I found them very easy to deal with when we initially took out the policy.
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    And also consider that the van would be insured for theft etc while the work is ongoing. How much are you paying for insurance - it shouldn't be much in comparison to the value of any works your doing?

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    Thanks for the input guys.

    We originally had the camper as a 7 seater and converted it to a camper 5-6 years ago. It's been in the family for as good as 15-16 years so would be a shame to see it go. There comes a point when you just have to say enough is enough when it comes to spending money on them though.

    Think the policy incl. membership to the caravan club is about 400e so not exactly breaking the bank. Just not interested in spending the money insuring it, putting it through a DOE and finding out it needs a pile of money spent fixing the problems which might exceed the value of the vehicle.

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    Dolmen and others probably won't take it on if it is a low roof camper. Or at least it was that way for years. The Caravan Club is probably the way to go if that is the case. You will have to join the club obviously but it is not very expensive either way.

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    Stuarts or Dolmen are basically your options. They all will want to get an engineer to inspect it before they give you a policy. If it has ever been insured with them before (previous owner etc) you won't need it.

    Send it for a DoE first and get the DoE center to tell you what it needs doing for the test - that will decide for you pretty quickly i'd say.

    I have a low roof and don't have an issue with insurance at all - sure 20% of the campers in Ireland are T5's with pop tops

    its cheap to run once you have it all done tho, €102 tax for a year, €350 insurance and €80 to have it DoE'd - with no real restriction on towing or annual mileage.
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    I have a low roof T5 since 2012. Dolmen and Stuarts would not insure me back then due to the low roof. I do not have a pop up roof. Will they insure me now ? No, they won't because: "There must be an internal height of no less than 1.8 metres" according to Dolmen's website. A pop-top is not considered a low roof. So, my info was quite accurate in my case above. Again, IF one has a low roof, they may have to go through the caravan and motorhome club.

    And now I just rang Stuart's (who broker for Aviva) who would not insure my camper because it does not have 1.8 metres of standing room internally. They do not insure low roof camper vans. So Stuart's or Dolmen are not options if you have a standard low roof van (i.e. tin roof, no pop-top). A pop top changes things.
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    i have the same and had no issues with Dolmen. Couldn't have been more straightforward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsfitzy View Post
    i have the same and had no issues with Dolmen. Couldn't have been more straightforward.
    That's interesting because they just said no to me ! Not an issue though as mine isn't due for renewal until November I think. But they option of other companies would have been nice. Oh well......

    It's probably like Autoline - depends on what day you get them !!

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