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Thread: Project Astra Turbo.

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    Project Astra Turbo.

    I really have to stop spending time on here... bought hooch's Audi for the missus just before Christmas and finally came to a deal on this during the last couple of weeks with 22Rabbits.

    Anyway it's a green Astra and it's very broken. Here it is, it arrived to my door at 3am and this was it this morning.

    I gave it a bath and a hoover as it was pretty shook looking from sitting up bird poo and needed a good spring clean inside. The smell of mould was intoxicating. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly mould grows it was more evident on the carpets than anything.

    Fitted a set of pedal covers from an OPC to upgrade from the dull rubber one's that were on it.

    Set about stripping the engine a bit then my idea is to take the head off and then lift the block out.

    After getting a look at the replacement un assembled engine it appears a lot of the stuff is quite new so even the crankshaft so that's a huge positive. One major negative is that although the block looks to have been honed it since has been left to moisture and has become heavily pitted in areas. I'd imagine an overbore maybe .5 and replacement pistons to suit or even a replacement block maybe required. I'll have to discuss it further with a machine shop I think.

    The answer to this will most likely if I can't get away with the block lead me to forge the engine if i'm buying pistons anyway. The thought has crossed my mind of firing in an astra H Z20LEH if I can find one scrapped too as they can take 320hp without being opened.

    What's the eventual outcome for the car? Hoping to have a tidy car for the summer and something I can hit as many track days as possible without worrying about it.

    All feedback/comments much appreciated.
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    Cool project, like in fairness where do you see these nowadays?

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    Limerick reg and all fast focus Consider me subscribed for an education in Opel bits and pieces.

    Is the cover piece over the wipers standard? I never copped it before.

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    Always liked the design of these, if they torquesteer anything like the Astra (H) OPC I'd prioritize fitting a slippy diff.

    Ive read the gearboxes on the OPC can be hit and miss in terms of remapping, would these be any better?
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    Nice to see someone take this on, perhaps a name change to FAstra is due?

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    The panel above the wipers is an Irmscher Item it was an after fit but a genuine catalogue item that could have been ordered with the car back when it was new. A lovely piece I think.

    Half the appeal is that this car came from the dealership I spent most of my summers and learned my trade in Ennis Rd Motors. This was for sometime a demonstrator model that general manager and subsequent owner of the company had for a while while I was there. kind of nice that it came from home. I like the green too most of these models came in a pretty shocking gold colour which I detest. This has a pearl in it too looks well imo.

    @ mike: Yes LSD is a huge priority I might even try find a box with one fitted maybe even an f17 that has closer ratio's. It's something i'm looking into for sure.

    The m32 gearbox on the OPC suffers from a major design flaw that the bearing in it 's itself even on standard cars not to mind tuned one's It's very easy to sort and a lot of company's offer an upgraded bearing that usually solves it. So while a lot make a big deal out of it in the grand scheme of things it's quite an easy fix.

    @crank case. I knew I was going to get it from the start I just had to wait until he came down to my price ha. I know he spent a small fortune on it but an astra with a blown engine can only be worth so much. I'll make good of it anyway.
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    Great to see it being saved after all 22rabbits love and attention and you seem the right man with the necessary skills to improve it even further, nice bit of history to boot, well wear!

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    Nice project, good luck with it. I'm not very up to date on Vauxhalls, do these have the Calibra turbo engine?
    Remember one of the lads in a DC2 having a cut of a Nova with a red top turbo engine, over in Santa pod years ago, the thing was crazy fast.

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    Pretty much the same block and head hooch just the whole thing is modernised with better management, fly by wire throttle, coil pack instead of distributor etc.

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    There is a breakers up north with a Z20leh block. He wants 700 for it McMullan Autobreakers.

    Good to follow this. I added the bonnet extension and rear spoiler last year or so and they are genuine Irmscher Interesting about the colour is that there is only maybe a handful of right hand drives in that colour and a little more in left hand so very rare. Its also the colour that Bertone kept for show of the coupe.

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