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Thread: Whiskey drinkers thread

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    Whiskey drinkers thread

    I wasn't a whiskey fan or drinker but recently I did the Teelings distillery tour, which I highly recommend and am now hooked on all things whiskey. Fascinated in particular about the history of it here in Ireland. So if anybody can add anything whiskey related from history, rare brands, quality, storage, value, investment opportunities, limited batches etc. etc. anything at all I'd love to see it here.

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    I'm off drink now nearly four years but I still have fond wistful memories of Bowmore Isle of Islay. Y'know the way some whiskeys are lovely some days, but on other days, for no reason, the same whiskey from the same bottle is sharp and harsh and hard work. The Bowmore was always delightfully delicious and scarily more-ish.

    Good thing I gave it up eh?!

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    Newstalk had a guy on recently who was talking about the wholesale whiskey market. Apparently there's bulk manufacturing of whiskey which is then sold to the people who bottle and label it. I'm not a drinker but it would be interesting to see what the producers do to individualise their product to differentiate it from the competition.

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    Yeah the big Diageo's and the like buy up all the little niche labels apparently. Sure twas ever thus, regardless of product.

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    @haldecks, you are right. Irish Distillers producemost down in Midleton but in the last couple of years the industry here is under going a revival. Teelings' story is fascinating, first new distillery to open in Dublin in 125 years and currently the only working distillery in Dublin. They have setup in the Liberties. There are one or two others now popping up too, the Glendalough brand in Wicklow are another example.
    To individualise it Irish Distillers might set aside a few different casks to mature it in, all cask types and numbers are recorded so this, amongst other things allows them to tailor it for a particular brand. The distinguishable flavour comes predomiantly from the cask it matures in.
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    You will own nothing and you will be happy about it!

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    I got a lovely bottle of 55% proof Phoenix Edition Tullamore Dew as a present over Christmas. Very, very smooth.

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    Now we are talking

    Teeling will be interesting when they release their own stuff. Its still a while away. Similar the glendalough boys. The future looks bright.

    Meeanwhile the recent jameson caskmates releasenis fab and not too pricey. My fave remains jameson gold. Although i have a bottle of green spot for special drinkies.

    Not a masive scotch whisky fan but i have a great Oban and i am considering a glenmoranjie D'or for next month.

    If you like a sweeter tipple. Irish mist is lovely and honeyed. Over ice on a cold fireside night. Deadly.

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    Any blended Irish whiskey for a sip, partial to Famous Grouse when it's cheap in the airports.

    I'm partial to Green Spot for the more elevated events and always have a bottle of Oban in the house for the special occasions. Fabulous whiskey, small scale production in casks left exposed to sea air with a distinct scent of salt in the nose.

    I love whiskey but I never mix it with anything other than a splash of water.
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    Yikers thats my cabinet....

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    We should get together and drink the lot

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