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Thread: New Alfa Giulia!

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    New Alfa Giulia!

    It's finally being unveiled today!

    RWD, T4 and V6 engines... on sale next year. God I hope it's enough to save Alfa.
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    ..plenty of chatter on the interwebs as to whether that's the real car or a decoy. Not the most flattering pic whatever it is, but we'll know this evening..

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    RWD?? V6?? Looks a bit 156 GTA-ish which I like!

    In 15 years you'll be slotting right into by donedeal searches
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
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    Looking forward to seeing this car. I am hopeful

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    Is there a possibility of a transaxle set up in this car ?

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    I can't wait to see it.......then a test drive.......then the soul searching choice between desperately desiring an Alfa and the reality of actually owning one!

    Alfa irritatingly,, lovable contradictory brand!

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    ..a nervous time for alfisti the world over, awaiting the unveiling of the car they'll be driving in 10 year's time

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick View Post
    ..a nervous time for alfisti the world over, awaiting the unveiling of the car they'll be driving in 10 year's time
    How very true.

    It's 2.5 years to my next company car change. Hopefully Alfa gets their sh!t together by then and I can get one of these.

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    Hoping it's good. They couldn't have picked a tougher time, Mercedes C-Class is now a better steer than ever, BMW will have hybrid options, the Jag XE is getting rave reviews and even Cadillac have it together in the segment in the US.

    Styling from that low res pic looks a bit Merc CLA mixed with hints of E60 M5 and Lexus IS-F
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    In fairness, there is plenty of scope for a product that doesn't look like a German car and injects a bit more "soul" into this segment. I don't think a "back to basics" approach would go amiss in a segment that seems to be more about parking cameras and infotainment than anything else these days.

    If it turns out to be competitive and looks like an Alfa, I would not be entirely surprised if one were to land on my driveway next year as my wife is looking for a car.
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