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Thread: MR2 Clutch woes

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    MR2 Clutch woes

    So as I rocked up to the latest OTD with a host of work done on my reliable MR2 Turbo, sun shining and a relaxed atmosphere in the pits I felt optimistic about getting another enjoyable day under my belt.

    After pricking around with some last minute touches in the paddock I got out on track for a few laps for a shake down, reset tyre pressures to get another short stint in and then after a short break headed out for a few more laps. On the end of the straight after tarzan 2 I went to shift down only to find that low and behold my clutch had stopped working. I couldn't get into gear and that left me and the pax Sleepy to coast off the track and bring it to a halt.
    Eventually I managed to get into 1st and we could rejoin to limp back to the pits.

    Although I'd some great help on the day this one wasn't going to be solved in a sunny Mondello so I got enough of a pedal to get home and parked her up till today.

    I'm trying to rule things out so at this stage I've done a full bleed of the clutch fluid (it was manky black), there's no leaks anywhere and someone who'd know said I'd plenty of travel on the slave cylinder arm yoke.

    So at this stage I reckon it's in at the clutch itself, so before I tear the whole thing apart I got it up on stands and had a look in the inspection cover to see if anything blaringly obvious stood out. It looks like there are strands in around the pressure plate which doesn't look right, anyone ever seen that before and is it normal?

    Symptoms of the problem are a bite point that varies from just at the floor to not disengaging at all with the pedal on the floor
    It was perfectly fine right up till the exit of tarzan 2

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    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    I've nothing really to add other than I have a Luk clutch kit which I haven't used sitting in its box. Will let it go for less than RRP if interested

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    Those fibres are part of the clutch disc lining. I'd say the clutch has had it, but I would look into the master/slave cylinder operation too.

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    Cheers lads, I'll double check the master/slave but if they're from the clutch itself then it's box off time so I'll start with that.

    I saw that Padji but on checking part numbers it looks like the turbo is different to the NA one although I'll confirm that's the case
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Engine out job I think Dave ... Might be worth doing the timing belt while your at it, if due.

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    N/A and turbo boxes and driveshafts are different as is the clutch/flywheel assembly. I posted up a contact on the MR2 site for you. He has done mine, Spideys, Quandary's and a couple others. I also have a turbo box here if that is an easier solution.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Is it identical to a ST205 GT4 gearbox?

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    From what I remember the ST 205 has the 4wd transfer box strapped to it Kingers.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Ah savage Ray that's exactly what I was looking for nice one!
    The timing belt was just done on it so at least that boxes ticked and with my non interference engine I can take yer mans word for it and shiny new belts as enough proof

    From write ups it looks like effort but at least doable to get the box out so I'll get some parts ordered, line up the gearbox lads and then start stripping bits.
    Could go for the 2nd gearbox option but it's just one of those things where I'd rather have confidence it all the bits, I'll mainly be doing track days with it and nothing worse than getting a day off work lined up, handing over 200 euro then having something go bang.

    Plus I know I've said it a couple of times before but I reckon this one's a keeper so no don't ever expect to sell it so thinking long term here
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    That's what I would be doing as well Turlock, nothing like peace of mind. Get Toyota gearbox oil, some if the other gearbox oils when used in the gearbox generate an acid that eats the brass syncros in Toyota gearboxes.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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