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Thread: 1999 911 C4 For Sale

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    1999 911 C4 For Sale

    I'm selling my lovely 1999 3.4 996 911 Carrera 4 Coupe with 6 Speed manual transmission.

    After driving around in a diesel A4 for about 7 years and always wanting something petrol and nice (and spending too much time on here and octane) I thought I'd treat myself before I got married and had kids and wouldn't have any money to spend on myself!

    I bought this car in May 2014 and have driven it nearly every day since then, I love it but I knew when I bought it it would have to leave my hands in early 2015 to pay for my wedding. So that's why it's going up for sale.

    Mileage: It currently has 91,000miles (will go up as I use it every day)
    Tax: Expires end of March
    NCT: 25/10/15
    Price: €14,500 ONO
    Location: Tullamore/Athlone

    Service History:
    Delivered on 22/10/99

    First Service 1/1/2000 @ 9,243miles
    Porsche West London

    19/11/01 @ 16,530
    Porsche West London

    9/1/03 @ 25,623
    Porsche West London

    19/2/04 @ 33,524

    7/2/05 @ 42,307
    Chelsea Carrera Ltd

    7/10/05 @ 47,549
    Chelsea Carrera Ltd

    19/7/07 @ 55,880
    RTS Motors

    7/7/08 @ 63,241
    Issac Agnew

    25/8/09 @ 68,935
    Porsche Centre Belfast

    20/8/10 @ 72,350
    JD Services Waterford

    30/9/11 @ 76,891

    29/10/13 @ 78,912
    Cameron Cars

    20/5/14 @ 79,948
    Cameron Cars/Harmonstown Motors
    PPI and Service

    29/5/14 @ 79975
    NCT - Pass

    02/10/14 @ 85,596
    NCT - Pass

    12/1/15 @ 89,762
    Harmonstown Motors
    Oil and Porsche Filter
    Brake Fluid
    Greased Gear cables

    It got 2 new Pirelli P Zero Rosso 265/35R18 93 ZR N4 tyres on the rear about 500 miles ago and the fronts are about half worn 225/40/18 P Zero N4's
    I've replaced the Fuel filter
    Air filter
    Pollen filter
    Oil Filler Tube, cap and O Ring
    Front Discs
    Two front Air Con Condensers, O rings and Desiccator
    I've added a black mesh to the front grills to cut down on the debris going into the radiators

    Electric Windows
    Electric Mirrors
    18" Alloys
    Leather seats
    Climate Control
    Sat Nav
    Trip Computer, with average speed, mpg etc.
    Electric Windows and Mirrors
    Remote Central Locking and two keys, One is about 3 months old
    Traction Control and ABS
    Alcantara headliner
    Four wheel Drive

    Bad Points:
    Alloys could do with a refurbishment (Wheel wizards would do them for €250 at the moment)
    Sat nav disk is from 2001 and Ireland doesn't have any roads apparently!
    One of the keys remote locking doesn't work but it does open the car and you can use it as to start and drive it.
    The headlights are a bit cloudy, I'm going to try and get them cleaned up before sale but I have a restoration kit to go with the car if I don't get time
    The phone is attached to it's holder by some velcro (I never used it so it didn't bother me)
    Air Con needs to be regassed, I replaced the two condensers, the O rings and the Desiccator but never got a chance to get it refilled.
    Bryan pointed out the following at the last service:
    Boot Light isn't working, probably because of the micro switch in the lock.
    N/S Rear brake pad sensor wires are twisted together so no light will come on if the pads are low but they are fine at the moment.

    1 X Set Textar Front Brake Pads
    1 X Beru Coil pack

    PM me through the forum or email me if you have any questions

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    <sigh> I do love my children and my Octavia but another little piece of me has just died inside

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    ill also add a sigh....

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    €14,500 i love these early 996's so classy + subtle. looks like great value to me. glws

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloke View Post
    <sigh> I do love my children and my Octavia but another little piece of me has just died inside
    Why the sigh?

    Quote Originally Posted by the drifter View Post
    ill also add a sigh....
    Same as above why the sigh? I've had it a few months, had great fun with her and will get another one in the future. They're great everyday fun cars.

    Quote Originally Posted by hoggy View Post
    €14,500 i love these early 996's so classy + subtle. looks like great value to me. glws
    Thanks hoggy, hopefully it goes to someone else who will enjoy her.

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    ^ I think the sighs are just a 'I'd love to but can't right now'


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    I have the twin of her in LHD

    Lovely car and good value too GLWS

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    ahh no, I enjoy meeting you every morning on the way to work (weird and all as that sounds!!) Unfortunately, I do the exact same commute as you only in reverse and an I can't see a 911 towing a horsebox and the 1000kms / tank of the new bus is agreeing with me!!

    Maybe in 10 years I'll buy one for my 50th!!

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    I'll add my voice to the common; >sigh<

    "This is a non-contact sport but then so is ice hockey" - Roberto Giordanelli on Irish FIAT Punto racing but applies to all Irish racing..
    "Tailgaters have small dicks" - Me

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    Cracking car for someone, have seen it in the flesh a few times....someone will get a great car!



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