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Thread: 1994 Toyota MR2 Rev 3 NA

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    1994 Toyota MR2 Rev 3 NA

    For sale is my Japanese 1994 Toyota MR2 Rev3 NA

    - 3S-GE 2.0 L (1,998 cc).
    - Tintop (lightest model)
    - D2 Racing Adjustable Coilovers
    - 16" Rays Engineering TE37 , Staggered fitment perfect for the MR2 , 7.5" up front and 8.5" at the back
    - 2nd set of original 15" mr2 alloys with loads of thread
    - Grooved and drilled EBC brake discs with EBC Yellowstuff pads front and rear
    - Fujitsubo Giken twin stainless steel exhaust
    - 203k kms, with timing belt done at 110k kms.
    - K&N induction kit
    - Dyno proven 186bhp 188torque (Westward dyno)
    - Remote start/stop immobiliser and alarm

    - Nardi steering wheel

    Mechanically she doesn't need anything at all, the brakes are fantastic, suspension is top notch, no knocks or anything like that. Just went through the NCT for which i replaced the Ball joints, Anti-roll bar links and bushings which has really made it tight as a nut to drive.

    The adjustable suspension is a peach as well. I have it set to softest setting for pootling around town and its perfectly compliant and takes speeds bumps with ease. Bring it to the track and twist each knob a couple of turns , (5 minutes work) and the car becomes much much stiffer and is able to take turns with almost zero body roll.

    Drives and stops perfectly straight and pulls extremely well. It's such a fun little car to drive, the sound from the engine over your left shoulder as it builds revs is phenomonal.
    Not one dent, but the paint on the front drivers wing has some tiny cracks in the coat but purely cosmetic and is only noticeable close up. And one small similar area near the petrol filler cap. I have a spare front wing to go on , which just needs to be sprayed and will be included with the car.

    NCT'd till 31/12/2015. Tax is out
    I have her on a classic policy fully comp for €250 p.a. with Campbell Autoline.

    Price €1500 without TE37's

    Price €2200 with the TE37's

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    Looks great with plenty of choice upgrades and recent NCT. Very good price too and worth it based on my own one.
    What's the plans for the alloys if buyer doesn't take them?

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    A set of those in a staggered fitment will sell themselves.
    They are in perfect condition and I've already been offered 800 for them.

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    I can't see the photos for some reason...

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    That was quick, good luck to the new owner. Nice quick car that one, did it go to a Backroader.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    I doubt tadhg is on here, but she'll be cared for !
    He was mentioning a bit a resto job for her!
    Now for the next one

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    Good to see there is still demand for these cars because they are super fun.

    Did that one have a LSD?

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    You gave that away. Great car for that money.

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