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Thread: Komotec EX430

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    Komotec EX430

    Those guys at Komotec are once again finding ways to equip Lotus cars with the kind of power the chassis can exploit and which contrary to rumours doesn't actually cause them to explode. This time, for 5790 including VAT, they're winding the v6 engines up to 430bhp at a bit over 7000rpm with a torque flatline over half the rev range.

    I think a 996 GT2 is a reasonable benchmark car on a dry day at Spa,

    Some idle calculating and cross referencing.

    Boggo Exige S, 1176kg, prices now dipping to 40k mark: 366bhp/tonne.
    +/- 5% of this includes: Ford GT, Sagaris, Murcielago, 997 GT2, Corvette Z06, TechArt 997 turbo, 599 GTB, RUF CTR2, LP640.

    Exige S Cup, 1040kg, prices will stay strong, upwards of 60k: 414bhp/tonne.
    +/- 5% of this includes: XJ220, 430 Scud, F40, M1 Procar, Corvette ZR1 (and almost the CGT at 439)

    the outlier:
    Evora S, 1383kg, low 30's but the smarter looking Sport Racer is around the 60k mark, 311bhp/tonne.
    +/- 5% of this includes: T350, KTM X-Bow, F430 Spyder, Gallardo Spyder (and almost the 360CS at 332).

    I still haven't driven the V6 Exige. Harris called it the chassis from the gods. I have driven the Evora and while it's a bit chintzy inside and the n/a one I drove was comparatively gutless, it was much easier drive than an S1 or S2 anything - ridiculous slip angles on demand with one hand on the wheel, instant turn in, lovely damping - you think it, it does it.

    No point doing things by halves, what would you pick:

    - bargain basement Evora, get the plates then fit a box of goodies from Germany, junior supercar on the road with Camry running costs for 50k ish.

    - grit your teeth, squint, do some creative maths and land a Cup. Painful handover to VRT midgets. same box of goodies. F40 chaser, same running costs for still within 5 figures.

    I didn't check the accuracy of any numbers here btw, I got most from a user post on a site called

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    Great video, brings back good memories.

    Would love to do Spa again

    That seems to be one seriously quick motor!!!

    Bag's a pax if you buy one MH!!!! I'd give you a hand bolting on that box of goodies (or at least make the Tea)

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    I like this thought process

    If the Exige V6 Cup is realistically within reach, then why not hold out and go for it. Another 8 years or so of development time in the package and the Bosch traction control system seems to take it to the next level.

    However, 60k translates to frankly unthinkable amounts of euro after VRT so I can't get my head around it, and means that if it were my call I would have to favour the bargain basement Evora with some DIY/bolt on visual enhancements to give it Sports Racer looks and Komotec goodies out back....bargain at almost half the price. Also, since you're a family man, the Evora does give the option to carry two little people with two adults and luggage which is a handy trick to have up it's sleeve even if it doesn't get used like that very often.

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    The BHP per ton figures have me sold.

    Factory S with out the added hassle of modification.

    I have realised something recently that buying a race car and spending years lying on the ground over cold weekends surounded by oily tools is not the best route to motoring enjoyment.

    No, from here on in its factory built with no additions or I'll go with out.

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    Also, you can drive in places other than a racetrack. I'm sure most of us on here drool regularly on racecarsdirect but haven't a hope of being organised enough to coincide our spare time with the schedules of track days, not to mind race events and all the other stuff that goes with that.

    Another Komolotus vid - B road, don't know what spec but it's the same poster as the Spa vid.

    Ring vid:

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    You can include me in your " Most of".

    I'm of the opinion based on my own experience of the last few years that small, light and powerful are the three ingredients that ad the most flavour to a tagine full of road surface, you
    Might also ad a spoon full of running costs and a pinch of storage space to complete the dish.

    Hmmmmmm ahhhhh the hunger satisfied.

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    The Evora with the Komotec bits sounds like (relatively) good value and would one make on hell of a road car I'm sure. They're rare enough (extremely so here of course) and I think the SR in particular looks great too. But I imagine the Evora might feel a little disappointing on track coming from a car as focused as your own Exige.

    As regards the Exige S, I'd want the one that's road legal. It will still be amazing on track (especially with the usual upgrades) but is an awesome road car too by all accounts. I personally find the idea of something like the 2-11 more appealing anyway than the Exige S Cup as a track-only car. Not as fast, I know, but more extreme/fun I would guess.

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    You forgot the most obvious choice - an S1 Elise (750kg), with the right engine, and the right chassis bits, for half the cost of any of the above

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    An S1 Elise with the right engine or not is still a far less comfortable proposition for the road than an Exige V6.I have never driven one but would imagine they would have to be relatively luxurious for anyone to consider forking out that kind of money.An S1 is lots of fun but every drive is a bit of a workout so they cant really compare in that regard.

    But in terms of performance around a track a decent S1 should certainly give it a run for its money.Watching the video from Spa above his best laptime was actually slower than I did on my 1st ever time there on a damp but drying track.So if you were to do a trackday at a tight and twisty circuit like Mondello the V6 Exige might feel relatively lardy and less fun.

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    Mondello is a game changer for lots of expensive and powerful machinery. Your car versus the rest of the world and still holds em back..
    Would it be as equal on other stretches of tar to say a 996 or even an exige in somewhere like snetterton ?

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