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Thread: The Backroads roads of Ireland (North and South)

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    Is there not some epicness up the north west including the north atlantic coast in NI?

    I'm going to add some of my own up there but I'm not an expert.
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    There was a Pistonheads run a couple of years ago from Carrickfergus along the coast to Derry and it had some nice sections. I did the first bit in an 18bhp monster, for added excitement.

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    These my friends are the best roads in Ireland. Of that I have no doubt 'cause I've driven most of them, and not just the 'N' roads.

    Starting on Horn Head you must complete a lap here before heading for Termon through 'The Gap'. The N56 is a great road, part of the Wild Atlantic Way but we are veering off course. Turning off at Termon towards Dungloe you will pass Glenveagh National Park, past Errigal, through Dunlewey taking in not just one of the best roads, but also the best scenery in the country. Follow the N56 now into Dungloe and head for Glenties over the Gweebarra Bridge past The Statue of Liberty (you'll know it when you see it, but if you see it you are going too slow as it is one windy mutha of a road). Into Glenties and we are now hitting some serious middle of nowhere stuff. Not far from where Steak Knife Scappaticci met his maker, stop in one of the most remote bars/general merchant stores in the country, the Glen Tavern for a quick one. Heading for Cloghan we follow the river Finn into Ballybofey. Back onto an excellent N road now into Letterkenny, and head for Dungloe again for the highlight of the trip, the R250 into Fintown and the R252 through the corkscrew at Doochary. Any passengers will at this stage will be begging for mercy as this road goads you into driving flat out...ask anyone who's driven it, this is Ireland's Nordschleife, and that is no exaggeration.

    What you do at the end of this epic is up to you but I would advise continuing to Dunfanaghy again and consuming vast amounts of stout in Patsy Dan's. I'll join ye.

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    I thought I could add them all to one map but it doesn't seem Google Maps supports this so it's becoming a bit easier as I can copy quite a bit of the above. I'll probably do another iteration of this with added images:

    Mournes (by FDub):

    Mayo (by vinnymcdonnel):

    Connemara (by Flet):

    The Screebe loop

    Moycullen to Spiddal:

    Leenane to Westport

    West Limerick (by cianha):

    East Wicklow (by DMZ, Monza):

    West Wicklow (by DMZ, Mike205):

    For nostalgia, I included the part that we used to drive back in the Octane days:

    Kerry (by cianha):

    Moll's Gap, Caha Pass, Healy Pass:

    Tyrone (by Flet):

    Omagh to Draperstown:

    Lough Ern loop:

    Clare (by long11):

    Donegal (by Pearse):
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    Some proper back, backroads. Once you get to the middle, just keep driving until you want to go home and then head back to the N81.!1m0!1m0!3e0

    I take no responsibility for anything that may happen to your car on these roads, they're more rally roads than anything else. Instead of looping back towards the Glen of Imaal, you can boot onto Glenmalure area and just get lost up there either!

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    ^^ Just had a look at google street view... eek those roads are narrow!

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    They're wide enough They're not the fastest of roads, but they're 'quick'.

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    This a great loop for dubs, especially late at night, and for the most part, very smooth and flowing.
    This is my 'test' loop

    looking back now, I think that maybe, every now and again, I should have braked a little earlier

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    I'm not a dub, but used to drive some of those roads weekly, usually circa 1am at the weekends. But that was 14/15/16 years ago. They've subsequently changed a bit. (the M50 didn't exist out that far back then ) It was usually Ok but some night's it was a wee bit dodge with the *cough* accompanying traffic from certain quarters. It was often possible to navigate at nightime using the glow from the shells of burnt out cars....

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    I found a dinger of a road at the weekend, 5-6 miles of a real rollercoaster - the B2 between Dromore and Ballinahinch.

    There's a BP station selling Ultimate 97 at the northern end of Banbridge too.
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