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Thread: My Triumph TR6

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    Cool My Triumph TR6

    The wheeler dealers video has been taken down so this will have to do for the moment.

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    Nice. My father had an identical one for many years. Lovely old thing.

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    The quintessential English sports car. Beautiful in a butch sort of way. But it had a reputation for mechanical mayhem.
    I fancied one but high insurance and horror stories kept me from taking the plunge.......and that was back in the '70's!
    As much as I love the look and sound, I'm not sure I could live with the day to day problems.

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    I would rate my TR6 as being the most reliable classic car I have ever had. The main potential for problems with UK TR6's is the Lucas fuel injection system. Don't let anyone near it (including the owner) unless they are experts - unlikely in Ireland. I got the injection system sorted in mine back in 2001 (in London) and it hasn't missed a beat since.
    Does need servicing at 5/6 k intervals - points / condensors can go now and again - other than that its a pretty basic car and easy to work on.
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    The one classic I want to own before I die, thx for posting. My work colleague owned one for years and says it was the best car he ever had.

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Eventhough I've never properly driven it, my dads 6 is just the best! It mightn't be the most reliable thing or the most rust free example but if we ever got rid of it I would probably die! Its like a dog, you get so attached to it! Heres a pic for you
    TR6 (1).jpg

    Once I hear of a reasonable quote for a young driver from an insurance company I'm getting myself on it!
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    select edit then double click on the pic, it should open a window allowing you to amend the size. Lovely car btw

    Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie

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    Wahey! There ya go. Cheers Bash Street Kid
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    Drives: 2005 R53 MINI Cooper S "Archie". Hyper Blue Metallic with 17" Bullet Alloys

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    So I had a TR6 diary thread on Octane which died with it. Thought I had redone one here but apparently not so rather than starting off from scratch I will use this one.

    This is my TR6 which I have owned since 1993 and was my first venture into classic cars. Bought without the aid of the internet or smart phones or sat nav. So it was all classic car magazines, landlines and paper maps. It would be too daunting to try that today.

    The car is off to London in early May to a Triumph specialist for a bit of an overhaul and some TLC to have it ready for the summer. Will update the rebuild progress later. Excited at the prospect of having my baby back on the road again soon.

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