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Thread: Mondello meeting Sunday April 14th

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    Mondello meeting Sunday April 14th

    A few pics from the race event.

    It was a misserable cold day. Which really reflected in the atmosphere and mood in the paddock and on the grandstand.
    Only stayed for a few races as there were very few cars out.
    Apart from the Fiestas, it felt like half the grids were missing. There is only one saloon class and only one class each of the Vee's and Shanes, and one class each of the Feistas
    Really poor outing.

    I think Motorsport Ireland and Mondello Park need to review why it is that grids keep getting packed at the launch, then whither away each season till nothing is left.
    Oh the sport will simply die. But maybe that is their intention.

    Also, Mondello is not really good at organising these events.
    Why is there racing on Saturday and Qualifying on Sunday?
    I know its been like that for ages, but honestly most people will only bother come on one day, so why not give them the full day out with lost of racing in one day?
    I know its hard to attract sponsors to racing, so it must be doubly hard when you are displaying your proud stickers to empty grandstands.

    Also the prices for entry have increased from what used to be 10+2 for the programme, that occasionally went to charity to now 15 euro. You get less racing to more money. And its not as if the pit stop restaurant or facilities in general have been invested in.

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    I was working yesterday and was thinking of going today but then found out the BOSS races were only yesterday. That decided it! Glad I did head up now though!

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    I don't get the 2 day thing myself. Its used to be test on sat race on sunday. Now its testing on friday which means a day off for competitors if they want to test.

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    It was the quietest raceday paddock I have ever seen down there.It was busier on Friday for testing.With the Saturday only classes gone home and some poor grid numbers (there were only 6 cars in my race!) it left it very quiet.On the plus side the very cold dry conditions meant very quick laptimes and I did several laps in qualifying over a second quicker than my previous personal best.

    I think the next Mondello car race meeting is the national track anticlockwise in June so hopefully things will have picked up by then.The Closed Wheel Libre thing that I was in certainly couldnt have a smaller grid than yesterday.Once the Supercars get their act together and a few other cars come out to play there should be mid teens on the grid anyway.

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    From a competitors point of view we would much prefer to have testing Saturday morning and race on Sunday. The paddock was very empty yesterday as a lot of classes had their 2 races on Saturday and then packed up and went home

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    I was over on the loop for the Kart Meeting. Looked across and was extremely shocked by the poor turnout in the paddock. And the paltry grids! I've been attending at Mondello, man and boy, since it opened and have never seen such a badly attended meeting. Only 12 Vees by my quick count. Lots of Fiestas. Some nice historics. Not much else.

    I left racing mainly because of the decisions taken by officials during 2017. No point in racing when, for example, a black flag has no meaning and very questionable "vehicle interactions" are just "racing incidents" attracting no penalties. Looks like many others have left for whatever reason.
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    The grids might not have been great but there was some good dicing through the field in most of the classes in fairness.

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