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Thread: **Sold Out** Octane Track Day 21 - November 7th 2014, Friday **Sold Out**

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    **Sold Out** Octane Track Day 21 - November 7th 2014, Friday **Sold Out**

    Well, last Friday was brilliant. The weather was fantastic and matched the standard of cars and drivers that had assembled in Mondello. We thought it was going to be hard to beaat the weather from OTD19!!! We hope to continue the great mix of cars out on track at our next OTD with a mixture of super cars, modified for OTD race cars, sports cars, hot hatches, fast saloons and lots and lots of Lotus'.

    We continue to organise the best value and best quality track days at Mondello Park, don't miss out on the November event - it's gonna be great!!

    Venue: Mondello Park, Donore, Naas, County Kildare.
    Date: November 7th 2014, Friday.
    Track: International.
    Cost: €150 incl. one driver and lunch.
    Time: TBC but pencil in 09:45 - 16:45

    Points to note:
    1. In order to book your place you must pay in full. Send us a PM for details on how to secure your place. All drivers must be prepaid in order for us to book Mondello Park and their team to run this event.
    2. All bookings are non-refundable. We may have a reserve list, if you cannot make it, we will pass on contact details and you can organise reimbursement with whoever is taking your spot. We cannot guarantee that there will be a reserve list. Swapping places without confirmation from Noodamo is not permitted.
    3. You are responsible for your own car on track and most insurance companies will not cover track day use as part of your policy. Former Octane members may be able to advise on insurance companies who cover track days. Each driver will sign-on and sign a personal waiver with staff of Mondello Park before driving on track.
    4. Drivers are ideally members of this forum followers on Facebook or followers on twitter - or someone who has attended a previous track day. The idea is to attract people who are contributors to OctaneTD/Backroads community to get together at Mondello Park for a great day on track.
    5. As stated in Mondello - all track rules apply. This includes the 5mph speed limit in the paddock and entrance to the venue. Any speeding or other stunts will not be tolerate by Mondello and they will eject you from the venue without refund.
    6. Sadly, we have to limit to the people in the paddock for obvious reasons. We are letting in any regular posters on the site. Friends/neighbours/dogs/cats/grannies are welcome to join in on the Grandstand side of the track. PM Noodamo if you have any special requests and we will do our best. There will be a wristband/stamp system in place to get to the paddock side of the track.
    7. As it is popularly believed Noodamo or Frequency Modulated are Gods. We do not control the weather though. The show will go on as long as Mondello deem it safe to do so.
    8. This is definitely not a test day for race cars. We know some people here have track cars / race cars but there is a big difference between wanting to come to an Octane TD and wanting to come to test your car. PM myself or Damo with details of the car and we'll have a chat.
    9. Have fun, enjoy the day - and play it safe. We want to build on our reputation. There is always a great atmosphere on and off the track so lets keep it like that.
    10. Please contact us by PM or email ONLY.

    For information on Track Etiquette and tips on preparation for the day please see the sticky thread in Pit Lane. HERE

    *Cost is per car and €150 is paid as a deposit on the presumption of having a minimum number of drivers, cost may vary if numbers aren't met. Cost for an extra driver is €20 and must be prepaid. We will not be taking cash on the morning of OTD. We supply lunch to all drivers but if your guests would like to be included please let us know 1 week before the event and we can include them for only €10.

    We have been very successful in introducing new drivers to OTD's both in the form of experienced track day drivers and people who have never been within 20miles of a race track. We want to continue doing this. If you had 150 post on and are looking to drive on track drop us a PM. This is a minimum requirement as OTD's are social track days for past members of

    Feel free to PM us with any questions or for payment details. Follow us on twitter and on for updates before and during the track day!

    See you at Mondello!

    Frequency Modulated and Noodamo

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    all going well and car is fixed I will be there.

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    I'd like to book in for this

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    Me too

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    Ya il be on for this too, did you mention the last day there might be one in September too?!?

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    Please count me in, also if their is one in september count me in for that as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by GF8Sti View Post
    I'd like to book in for this
    Likewise. Unfortunately cannot make Barry's one in August due to finances so would like to get a trackday in the S2000 before the year is out!

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    Count me in too
    if your car corners like its on rails !then your not driving fast enough......

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    Quote Originally Posted by waternolo View Post
    ...Unfortunately cannot make Barry's one in August ...
    What day is that?

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    22nd August Friday
    if your car corners like its on rails !then your not driving fast enough......

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