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Thread: Toyota MRS, 2ZZ Track Car.

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    Hey Piers, We didn't get the 2ZZ specific model as we wanted to wire it in ourselves, that way we have the option of moving the ECU onto another track car in the future. We are thinking of making up a patch loom and are looking for a JAP ECU to facilitate that. It will allow us when the time is right to remove the turbo, install a standard exhaust and ECU then sell the car as a running track car. Then sell on the full turbo setup to somebody else.

    Is your ECU the JDM version, we would really appreciate any help on the wiring we can get, first time for this task, it will be a learning curve.
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    Yes, the Celica ECU is a JDM as far as I know. The EMU black was just the standard one, so I can also use it in other cars. I'll send you on the wiring spreadsheets I have created, just PM me your email address.

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    That looks the biz, Fairplay on tackling the wiring too, but sounds like it’s the right move for down the road.

    Will you give tuning it a shot too?
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    Looking forward to some more updates in this. That ECU looks neat, wouldn’t mind up grading to it myself.

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    Toyota MRS, 2ZZ Track Car.

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    Very nice. I've also gone with an EMU black for my 2ZZ MR2. I haven't completed my install yet and am undecided on what way I want to go with the wiring. Did you buy a adapter loom or are you doing the wiring yourself? I have some of the wiring figured out, if that may be of help.
    YOUR 2ZZ MR2???

    Do share....

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    Lol Kingers.. Surprised that got past you. Don't want to mess up Slipsliderg's thread with my stuff..

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