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Thread: Toyota MRS, 2ZZ Track Car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipsliderg View Post
    Cheers Dunner, your more than welcome to steer it about the track at any stage. Looking forward to seeing what it can do.

    A few chargecooler rad photos.

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    Cool I’d love a blast in her when do you plan to have it out?

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    Quit with the hard questions, Ha Ha.

    In the middle of a house move, Colin doing all the work on the car at the moment, but would hope March. Its kinda at the joining dots stage now.
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    Long time since an update on this, turbo conversion is all built now, but the brain requires more funding. We are going with a Standalone ECU and other supporting mods to allow us get the most outta the small turbo and leave room to put a bigger snail in, if required.

    Latest and last shopping list for 2020:

    EcuMaster Black, anybody using these and any comments?

    Boost control solenoid (, ECU should be driving this.

    Wideband lambda wired directly to the ECU (

    We have researched the current injectors and are going to buy these ( 440cc injectors to make sure we have adequate fuel as the last owner of this kit said he was going slightly lean at higher RPM, not something we want as the car will always be at higher RPM.

    Uprated (190L/ph) fuel pump ( to help the fuelling along and good for 350bhp with proper supporting mods, a gearbox change would be needed at that power level as the torque will eat up third gear in the gearbox.

    We are going to wire in the ECU ourselves as then it can be deloomed and put into the next trackcar, assuming we don't continue to modify this one.

    This should all happen quick enough now, roll on the trackdays. Can't believe and I am sickened that its been a year since this was last updated.
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    Great stuff Slip, looking forward to seeing this out on track again, always enjoyed the laps together.

    Will be very interested to see how fast it will be with the turbo shove, low down torque was never a strong point for those engines so I’d imagine if will pull hard out of corners now

    What kind of power do you reckon the gearbox will take? I know my old exige has eaten a few gearboxes since I sold it and was running approx 300hp but Im sure if that was exactly the same gearbox as yours or not.
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    Likewise Bobel.

    Your right it will have a much nicer punch from low down, might be able to notch up another gear on in a couple of corners in mondello and sit on the torque for additional pull, looking forward to that. My investigation is all US based, most seem to indicate about 260whp, but that could be for drag racing which can be harder than trackday laps. Its a C64 gearbox from a corolla and I think its the same box as the exige, could be wrong but the gearing would be very similar. You can get a conversion kit from Monkey Wrench Racing to put the E153 gearbox from the older MR2 turbo into it, they are good for over 600hp, but generally your breaking driveshafts at that stage.

    Here is an interesting engine from them, some beast of a setup -

    ECU is ready to be collected next week, happy days.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Yes the C64 gearbox is the same as in the Lotus and you are dead right it is 3rd gear that is the first thing to go.That is what happened in Bobels old car and a few others that I have seen that have anything over 250bhp(or whatever torque comes with that kind of power, maybe 180 lb/ft or thereabouts).You would probably get away with it in a road car but with hard track use it would seem to be a matter of when rather than if it is going to fail.What kind of torque will your setup make?

    We did get some stronger 3rd and 4th gears which were much tougher looking than the dinky little originals but then it chewed up 2nd gear instead!It has been fine now for the last year or two once 2nd gear is avoided and in fairness 2nd isnt really needed with just about every corner exit being 3rd or 4th and those gears are now strong enough.

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    Jeez, that doesn’t sound good Pat.

    I thought the stronger 3rd/4th would hopefully resolve the issue with the gearbox on mildly tuned cars for track use
    Iv never heard of 2nd being a weak point (in all the threads Iv read about them)

    I suppose alot has to do with how the car is driven, road car vs trackcar, and also how forgiving the driver is.

    My exige is still standard 220, and will stay like that for the time being, but will probably be tempted to tune in future

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    I suppose a lot of what you read about them is from lads running them on the road or in the case of the americans it is a lot about drag racing.The cars are too fast to be driven hard on the road for more than a few seconds at a time and with drag racing I expect once you get over the initial launch then it is just accelerating through the gears for a few seconds.Circuit driving is a different kettle of fish with similar full bore upshifts to a drag race but also hard downshifts into the corners that happen constantly for whatever amount of time you are out but on average the car would go 20 minutes without a break.

    As an example I have a sadev gearbox in my white car and it is rated for much more torque for hillclimb compared to circuit.And rated even lower again for rallying which would be the hardest of all on the equipment.

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    Hi Pat, we are not expecting huge power, the turbo runs outta puff about midway thru lift based on the last car this setup was in. Will be running around the 6/7 psi mark at the start, but will push on if that's possible. We hope to get peak torque of about 180 lbs/ft, the supercharged version of this engine is supposed to be about 184 lbs/ft (250 n/m) and 225 bhp. Its the torque we are after, only need BHP on the longer tracks. We will see how the car goes on track then, I suspect one of the synchro's is on its way out. We replaced the selector bushes so hopefully that removes the issue or it will be gearbox out before the end of the year.

    New brain arrived, time to start playing with fire now.
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    Very nice. I've also gone with an EMU black for my 2ZZ MR2. I haven't completed my install yet and am undecided on what way I want to go with the wiring. Did you buy a adapter loom or are you doing the wiring yourself? I have some of the wiring figured out, if that may be of help.

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