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Thread: Toyota MRS, 2ZZ Track Car.

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    Toyota MRS, 2ZZ Track Car.

    Just thought I would leave this here, time moves on and Rudolph ( ) has been replaced with a newer and lighter chassis with slightly more poke.

    Picked up a couple of weeks ago, thanks Drummerboy, the next element to the track toy fun between me and my mate Colin.

    This car was imported from England and then converted from the oil burning 1ZZ (138bhp) engine to the 2ZZ (190 bhp) engine. The conversion was completed by a fellow member on the site here a regular track day attendee and Irish Touring car competitor.

    Why change from Rudolph the red nosed trackcar you say, basically weight and maybe a bit on the power side of thing also I love rev's and this car rev's.

    I will put another post up in a couple of weeks but the basic plan is:

    Weigh it (995kgs as stock driverless)
    Make it lighter than stock
    Bring it out on track
    Make it lighter
    Install coilovers
    Set it up for track pleasure on track tyres.
    Go faster!!
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Little update from this week:

    So I drove her for a spin out (60k) the other night on some local twisty roads. My god what a cracking little car. She is very sure footed on the corners and handles weight transfer beautifully with nicely weighted brakes. This is within the limits of road driving you understand. I do need to do one thing, the pedals are sh1te for heel toe, useless in fact a bit of adjustment to the pedal height should have her the way Rudolph is.

    Nice pull out of the engine, infact its cracking. I reckon all the 190 ponies are on show and with the weight of her she pulls all the way to the glorious 8500 rpm rev limit. Oh god I love rev's, you can have all the dump and whizz you want but N/A is my joy. Actually I was taken back by the pull at high revs very freckin nice indeed.

    This engine, in this car, is what Toyota should have built or at least offered as a variant on the model. Delighted with the purchase and really looking forward to letting her loose on track. I reckon she would leave the Mrk 2 Beams behind quite easily.

    This car is only going on track, she is going to loose weight and then we need to add in the roll bar / cage, 5 point harness's and possibly a fire extinguishers set up as well.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Good luck with the build.

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    This is cool. Is it coming to otd19? With you on the whole N/A thing, so much fun revving the nuts of something especially on track. Turbos are like cats; just a bit too sneaky.

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    Nice one this will be epic on track. I'm sure you've seen it already but if not lookup mrs 2zz touge on YouTube
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    Nice one, I hope to see this next Friday in Mondello. It should go really well with that weight and engine.

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    Cheers guys, she won't be out to play at the next OTD, I have a final post grad exam on Saturday. Then again I have the week off to "study". Ahhhh
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Best of luck with her Ray. As I kept telling you, I was sorry to see it go, but hopefully the touring car build will ease the pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipsliderg View Post
    This engine, in this car, is what Toyota should have built
    Agree 100%, the Chassis is capable of handling more power than the MX5 it was aimed at (which in some ways makes an NB MX5 more fun more of the time on road), so even though power to weight is broadly similar and not lacking, the MX5 feels like it has plenty of power for the chassis, while the MR-S makes you wish you had another 50bhp because the chassis is so competent. I think toyotas big mistake was "benchmarking" it price and power wise level with MX5. With the same figures and less practicality it was always going to fail (and it was a disastrous failure if you compare MK1 and MK2 global sales figures vs. the MK3, even the MK2 was not as successful as the MK1, it just doesn't seem that way because so few are left in comparison).

    Had it had the 190bhp from day one, it would be regarded as a giant killer now rather than the (unfair) slightly hairdresser image it gained. We might not have got the GT86 had it been successful, it was only 5 years between Toyota killing off the MR-S and the GT86 getting launched and even that after years of hype.

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