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Thread: Backroads Strava club

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    Durianriders Strava Link.

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    Can someone let me know if these links can be seen in full by another computer where the Garmin express or Strava programmes are NOT installed?

    Garmin Express


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    Strava is on a web platform you don't install anything so yes, it's visible. Edit the ride and mark it as private will make it disappear to anyone but you.

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    I have taken a break from the bike for the past week or two as I was a bit burned out from it all and finding my watts dropping off a bit. Still doing the running and swimming etc but just leaving the bikes in the shed. So I was pleased today with this first return ride and it shows that a rest is as good as a ... a holiday is as good as a .,.. it pays to take a rest now and again.

    I have been battling the weight issue steadily since the start of the year. I wasn't particularly overweight but for cycling (and running) my current 77kg is a lot better than 84kg but I was worried that the power would also evaporate with the weight but this does not seem to have happened.

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    So with the weight reduction (hovering between 74 & 76kg) in combination with the A1 training I am really making some progress at last. Every ride some new milestone PR is broken in the hills and I can finally stay up with the fast guys.
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    So another day another cycle. Got to fix a rear puncture that I got on my specialized venge last week when in Ballyheigue. Nothing with me of course so had to get a taxi back. Then going for the record - a 35km/hr average speed on my mainly flat Tralee/Casteisland/Farranfore/Tralee circuit. My record so far was 34.3 so how hard can getting an extra .7 of a mile be?

    We will see!

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    Fair play AG, you've made a big step up from what must have seemed like a long plateau. I did similar though to a lesser extent this year, and after another 8 week layup I'll have to do part of it again but at least I know I can do it.

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    Thanks - still did not get my 35km record but at least I can consistently average around 31/32 km/hr now on most cycles which would have been unthinkable even a year ago.

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    I am kinda getting tired of winning all the time.

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    ahhhh cycling. He who has most free time wins!

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