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Thread: Hooning across Europe in my GT86

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    Living the dream dude, mad jealous here looking at the cars, scenery, weather.....

    Any of the other GT's have a blower added, curious to hear your comparisons if you get to try one?

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    No the laws are pretty strict here for heavy mods! I might get away with it but standard french cars wouldn't (doesn't stop them from still doing it though!!)!

    Last month I was at the clubs annual meet. Each year they have a weekend of road trips and a night out and by pure chance it was in he driving roads of Alsace. I was on my way to a track day so met up with them before hand. There were two supercharged GT's there but I didn't get a spin in them! But fro talking to the guys, they said it's a huge difference to the car! It's the power it should have come with from the factory!

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    A few more pics from Sunday:

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    And a video of our drive by one of the French forum members! This will give you a good taste of what the roads were like which we were on!
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    Jesus....2x years and no updates is bad form!

    The little GT86 is still here but likely not for much longer. 65000KM racked up on her since I bought the car 4x years ago and now it's time for a change. I have a potential sale on the car tomorrow so let's see what happens. In the meantime I'll try and condense the last couple of years of 86 motoring into a couple of messages.

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    Only discovered this thread now, great read!

    What's next?

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    Car has finally gone this week. One last blast up the autobahn to its new home in Karlsruhe in Germany. Fastest I've ever made the 85km trip if I'm honest!! But the car deserved one last max out.
    I've been threatening to sell the car for over 12 months and always felt guilty doing it. It was a pretty poignant day looking back! A sign of a good car I suppose!

    The last weekend with the car was spent soaking up the roads in the foothills of northern Alsace. Hooning from "Sebastian Loeb Country" close to Brumath and Furdenheim, south to the Bugatii factory in Molsheim. Full of beautiful flowing sections of road running through vineyards and cornfields all on pristine asphalt.

    Over time, the lack of power became more frustrating rather than something I got used to. There are advocates who say it's just the right amount of power for safe hoonage, but I beg to differ. Of course a large part of the fun is getting the sweet spot in the torque range over 4500rpm, but the band is too narrow and I think Toyota missed a trick in not bumping up the power.

    The chassis is still fantastic though. With the frustration you can find on the motorways with the lack of grunt and toys, the car redeems itself in the b roads. I think a change in the damping would have made a world of difference since the car could get a little twitchy on the rebound but overall it was the best happy medium.

    There was a lot of big plans that never came to fruition with this car. There are a set of Wedssport TC105N's sitting in the garage amongst other things that didn't go on the car!

    But the 65,000km on the clock can tell some stories at least! I've been lucky enough to blast through 10 countries with some of the best driving roads hunted down on the continent. It's managed to bring my parents (with bad backs, arthritis etc.) 500km down to Interlacken in Switzerland without a the back seats.

    It has brought me mountain biking in the morning and track driving in the afternoon on the same day. It has been through 5x countries in a day, and has made return trips to the Nurburgring after watching an episode of Columbo (thinking "f*$k it....I'll go for a few laps).

    It has been a hotel, taxi, ambulance, grocery grabber, bike rack and a trail finder for hiking; all whilst people were laughing at the impracticality of the car.

    It has managed to do all of the above and still feel that little bit fun, that little bit special. By no means perfect, but it still kept a smile on my face after 65000km.

    So farewell little hatchi! You've served me flawlessly and never skipped a beat! Time to dip my toes back into some German machinery I guess I'll have to jump ship into the "Mein Wagen" forum!


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    Ciarán - I dunno managed to miss this thread completely. Super story all round. Hope you keep the faith

    (btw - although the 86 in pearl really does look superb - best colour in them I've seen - I couldn't help but keep looking back at the black exige with the open roof. I may be a tad biased on that front though..)

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    Great read and interesting to hear someone who has owned the car long term mention their disappointment with the overall power. Ive always though they are a fantastic looking car (bar the wheels).

    What will you be moving to next?

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    I'm nearly ready to pull the trigger on an M4. It's very much 1st world problems with configuration choices, but I'm hoping to place an order soon and take delivery in 2018. It's a long long story (nearly a year and a half in the making), if all goes according to plan, there will be an order placed this month. I'll save the man maths rationale for a new thread I think!!

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