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Thread: Terms and Conditions (aka Forum Rules)

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    Terms and Conditions (aka Forum Rules)

    What Is This Place?

    We created because we love cars and like to hang out with people who also like a spirited backroad drive. is all about the community and you will find a thriving community both online and in the real world. is owned and operated by Backroads Forums Limited.

    What Are The Rules?

    Be nice to one another, don't get us sued, respect each other and the hard working mods and admins, and so on. We're all adults. You may recognise these, but in case they're not familiar to you, here are The Rules.

    1. Personal Insults

    Personal Insults are not tolerated on this forum. Personal insults could include calling someone an ‘idiot’, ‘you are gay’, etc.

    2. Using Personal Information Gained Offline, Online, or using anonymity the WRONG way.

    Most people prefer to have a degree of anonymity on the internet, respect it. If you know where someone works, lives, what they look like, or what they drive, keep it to yourself. It's up to individual members to decide what information they share with the board. People choose (sometimes really silly) forum names because they prefer the relative anonymity of their (sometimes really silly) forum names as opposed to using their real (sometimes also really silly) names. Please respect this and don't post details which may identify forum members or where they live or where they may keep their cars without their approval. Of course anyone using anonymity to get away with stuff which wouldn't work on an identified interpersonal basis can expect a ban too. This is pretty important rule which is designed to promote mutual respect and, almost as importantly, a bit of fun without any bad feelings.

    3. Member Trawling

    We like to think this is the home for proper car enthusiasts and we think it's best if we all stick together to build a kick-ass forum. If you use this place to publicise your recently launched ‘’ website, expect a ban.

    4. Personal Grudges

    So, you and member X fell out over on the aforementioned ‘’ website some time ago and you’ve been having at each other ever since like two schoolgirls fighting over a One Direction poster? Trust us on this, nobody wants to wade through reams of mildly cutting remarks just in-case one of you says something funny.

    If you don’t like each other, meet up somewhere and either race each other, have a bit of a fight and film it for the forum, or just be big hearted enough to shake hands and say sorry.

    If you have personal grudges or negative opinions about particular racial/sexual orientation/gender groups etc. why don't you keep them to yourself and your friends in the KKK or the local model train society or whoever else will listen and conclusively does not have any members in the relevant racial/sexual orientation/gender groups who might be offended.

    5. Spelling

    Nobody's perfect but constant bad spelling, psting lk yr n a txt msg, or posts where you generally don’t make any sense will be deleted shortly followed by you. Ireland has an excellent adult-education system, use it.
    At the same time, there are many people who suffer from dyslexia, or people who just don't type a lot. Nobody should ever feel that they can't post here because they find it too difficult. Mods will assist if that would help.

    6. Trolling

    Debate is great. However, deliberately trolling [also known as flaming] to start an argument is not good. On the flipside, lively debate is brilliant. Be as funny, as fact-packed and as relevant as possible without resorting to personal insults or using the F word (Ford).

    We discourage mildly to middling rude and determinedly unfunny posts such as this one in response to a moderator's request not to call people stupid unless done in an amusing manner. You won't be banned for something like this but everyone will think you are an @rsehole and you might just be muted for a while. And we might forget the unmute button if the atmosphere shows a noticeable improvement.

    Quote Originally Posted by HalDecks View Post

    7. Swearing

    There are swear word filters. They're there to help stop web-monitoring programmes from blocking for people who browse at work.

    Obscene posts, especially unfunny ones, will be deleted asap along with the member responsible.

    8. Illegal Activities

    Nobody here has ever done anything illegal, ever. That’s why it’s customary to start posts about your 170mph blat on the Naas dual carriageway in your TD Golf with ‘It is alleged’, ‘A friend of mine’, or ‘This person I knew’…

    No but seriously, if you want to share information about how to breach copyright in any way or hack into anything or steal anyone's intellectual property don't do it here and if you post anything which basically might get us into any kind of trouble with anyone (and that is something we will decide) your post (or maybe all of them) will be modified and/or deleted and you may be banned.

    9. Respect the Admins...

    The Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any post which is offensive or not conducive to a lively, friendly, intelligent and preferably humorous forum based debate but which does not specifically breach any of these rules. You are not entitled to an explanation. The internet gives you freedom of speech, but it does not compel us to listen to you.

    If anyone feels their human rights are being trampled on, please write to

    Someone who gives a Monkeys
    C/O Amnesty International
    Weenie Road

    10. Partner Content doesn't have a commercial mandate so it is operated on the principle of benefits for the community. With this in mind, we offer the following opportunities for partners to engage with the community. Please contact a member of the Admin team.

    Project Postings: We are happy to allow vendors to write up project articles on the site based on work that they have done. This gives vendors a great opportunity to showcase capabilities or possibilities that many may not be aware of. By sharing information with the forum community, vendors can build a closer relationship with a potential customer base. This needs to be done in the spirit of explaining the project steps and the benefits that it brings but nothing around pricing or offers.

    Associated Forum: This enables a club, publication, or brand to be associated with a forum in the Special Interests area of the site. This can be an existing forum or a new forum depending on what we agree on. This needs to be a general interest forum that is not tied specifically to your club or business. Each associated forum opportunity will be assessed individually.

    Sponsored Forum: This offering enables a club, publication, or brand to have its own forum in the new Sponsors area of the site. This forum belongs to the club or business and is a great way to reach out to new or existing customers and keep them informed of what you're doing or dealing with queries. Each sponsored forum opportunity will be assessed individually. A monthly fee will apply.

    Other Advertising: If you run a business, it's OK to let people know via a discreet signature, and by posting in our "Have I got a deal for you?" forum. Beyond this, your posts should not promote your business and if we receive any complaints about on-or-off-line behaviour, we reserve the right to delete your name from our Christmas Card list/your account/your advertisements, as we feel appropriate.

    11. Advertising

    Apart from the options listed in 10, NO ADVERTISING is allowed.

    12. Hoons & Meets

    If you like to meet up with likeminded folks, you can use as a communications tool to organise events which you want to run privately among you and your likeminded friends with an automotive theme (such as cars n coffee). Note that doesn't organise or take responsibility for your events and it's up to you to bring your own insurance and make sure that you comply with the law, so any attempts to organise burnouts and drifting in car parks or road races and the like won't be tolerated. No this does not mean we are specifically against Jap Power. You are not allowed to brand your events or associate them in any other publicity with

    13. Conduct leading to a ban

    Any really idiotic or repetitive stuff which is as described in 9 above or any bad or repetitive breach of the other rules may lead to a ban. Any breach of 2 above will usually result in a ban too. Also, most of us do a small bit of surfing from work during the day, and this must be respected. Hence, posting browser hijack links, mail/zip bombs or click-throughs to rude screensavers will attract a week-long kick up the hole. Appeal process as above.

    14. No stupidly large/annoying/offensive signatures.

    15. No name and shame.

    This is a discussion forum not an organisation set up to resolve disputes. Please seek alternative means of redress. We don't know (for example) if you are right about what you say is inept or incompetent or fraudulent treatment at the hands of some garage and we aren't about to investigate what you say to see if we agree. The same goes for individual cars for sale - basically if you post anything which could cause the reputation of any person or business to be damaged, we can get into trouble about it and neither you nor your post are worth that risk. Break this rule and your post will be deleted and you may be deleted and we may decide to give your IP address and any details we have about you to anyone who complains.

    It isn't that we don't believe you or don't care - its just that this isn't the place to air grievances and we don't want any trouble to take this site down.

    That about covers it. For Now.

    On behalf of the Moderators, Contributors and Administrators of
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    If they think you're crude, go technical; if they think you're technical, go crude. I'm a very technical boy.

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