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Thread: Cash (Otherwise known as Safety) Cameras Spotted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gus View Post
    Bloody hell Monza, I grew up 5 mins away from those petrol stations and it was always very, very lightly policed.

    Clearly they have copped on to the high volume and potential revenue on that stretch. One of my first speeding tickets was in the exact spot you describe heading inbound after the petrol station, the guard was actually jumping up and down he was so excited - 8 odd years ago.
    I'd be fecking raging if a guard was doing that.

    Yes the road is heavily policed these days. Every bank holiday without fail on the Friday and Saturday night, and Monday evening they have checkpoints on the section outbound just after the halfway house (where the dual carriageway starts). The checkpoints are massive- i'd say at least 15 gardai... They even put Gardai into the apartment block road entrance to stop people avoiding the checkpoint.

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    I have decided to sticky this thread as it may be useful information. However, I suggest that it be restricted to posts about where the cameras are located. If it turns into a rant about cameras, it may be more consistent to unstick it and allow it to drop down the forum as interest wanes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huggie View Post
    There was an expensive Transit sized astro turf grass patch installed at the end of an equally expensive looking Armco guard rail on the M11. It is about 200m before the Bray/Fasseroe exit on the Southbound carriageway which means within the 120kmh limit area but just before the transition to 100kmh. I believe these astro turf parking bays have been installed on Motorways all over the nation. Is it possible that the extra recording announced recently is the deployment of vans on these astro turf patches?
    Not neccesarily, the might be for scamera vans, but they might simply be for motorway maintenance of stuff like road sensors and weather stations. A motorway is more than just a well built dual carriageway, it's a sophisticated traffic moving machine.

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    Great to have this thread back

    But I often wondered why can't we have a Coyote community here like they have in France and in the UK? And probably in dozen other countries?
    I'm only familiar with the French version, its brilliant you can literally fly between 2 stasi vans

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    Merrion road outside entrance to Wanderers FC/rugby club.


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    St Stephens Green South today around half 6... the ba$tard$!!

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    After a good few years of bombing down the M4 with impunity, the last 2 spins have been an eye opener.

    Most recently I saw two marked and 1 un-marked ( good old camrys still on the go) cars with folks pulled in.
    Also 2 static speed checkpoints from traffic corps avensii.

    Not great on he locations but just a general heads up that there is lots of fish in barrel shooting going on.

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    Is it 30 speed limit on the Green?
    Sure anyone would be over that between two traffic lights.
    So below the belt, but whats new...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monza View Post
    St Stephens Green South today around half 6... the ba$tard$!!

    Parked on a double yellow, niiiice....

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    But lots of pedestrians have been killed in the last couple of years on Stephen's Green by speeding office workers. When will we learn to SLOW DOWN.

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