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Thread: Backroad's Favourite Roads?

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    There's great loop near where I live.

    A 2 mile drive to the entrance and approx 8 miles cross country (literally!). That pops you out onto a regular backroad, with some delicious humps, bumps and twists on the return leg. Its very scenic at any time of year, and a great test of a car; this morning it was tremendous

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    Just saw this now colm, you jammy baxtard I'd say that was mighty Craic in your old/new steed.

    There's miles of savage dust/dirt roads out here in fuerte, only problem being I'm driving some poxy diesel Citroen thing.
    Still I guess lobe drives a C4 and given I went for the extra zero excess insurance, twould be rude not to try some handbrake/plant the right foot til she comes round antics, just have to remember to leave the mother, wife and baby at home!

    It's something we're really lacking in Ireland, feckin coilte and their big gates

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