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  • I hope there's an end soon, but someone raised an interesting point on France24 a few weeks back as to why you may still see various restrictions for a long time yet.

    We focus on healthcare capacity and that's the main thing, but there are other things..

    Lets say we get to a situation where it's thankfully no longer so life threatening, but people are still getting a flu that makes them feel they've been run over by a freight train. Well, they're not going to turn up for work.

    When you end up with a situation where half the Police, Power/utility workers, fire brigade, truck drivers, supermarket staff, farm workers, maintenance workers, factory workers, sysadmins and all the other screwdriver monkeys that keep things running then it's pretty hard to keep your society functioning. Continuing with these PITA restrictions and society throttled back in a predictable sort of way may be preferable to just random instability leading to potential infrastructure/industry collapse.

    Agree/disagree, whatever, I'm just relaying the mindset of some countries handling of it.


    • Its interesting to watch France vs the UK handling this.

      The UK is dropping almost everything, masks, covid passes etc. France is now introducing a covid pass....

      Austria is trying to make vaccines mandatory and its going through parliament now.


      • Crank I think that people are basically at the end of their tether on this. I don't think any more lockdowns will be tolerated unless there's a real "ebola" strain of it. Omicron has basically guaranteed that because theres probably 30-50% of the population (maybe more) who have got it know that are thinking, "that wasnt too bad". I think we are heading for a period where it's accepted, we go more or less to random population level testing (as SJ suggested Spain are doing), and the elderly and whoever wants it gets an annual "flu" shot.


        • Originally posted by Bunk View Post
          One thing I'm sure we can all agree on, whether we've agreed or disagreed with the handling of this thing so far, is that if the mooted relaxation coming this evening is the biggest we've seen in 2 years, that THIS IS A GREAT THING. Please god let this be the end.
          Originally posted by Ming View Post

          Absolutely. I actually have had the sense this was going to be over since the reports starting coming out of SA but please god let it really be over now, no Vax discrimination/hate, no vax passports, no table service only, no 8pm etc. Back to what it was before all this. And the end of in-fighting and nastiness here and everywhere.

          Absolutely. I'm full of hope today.


          • Last week I heard that somebody I know ended up in hospital, in the Mater, (not private). They were in an isolation ward and had no TV or any entertainment.

            I decided it would be a good thing to bring them some treats and magazines etc but I was genuinely concerned about going to a hospital because 1) I thought it would be overrun and 2) I didn't want to catch COVID.

            I did the right thing and rang them and asked the best way to leave something in and was told to go to the A&E reception as the isolation ward was there. This bothered me a bit as these places are usually crazy.

            I went up midweek and not only were there only 3 people in the waiting room, the staff said he had been moved but went checking and found out he was still there for another hour.... and I WAS INVITED IN to visit him. I'm pretty sure there was a "no visitors rule"

            Now I don't believe anything I read about how busy the hospitals are or how overworked they are etc etc


            • I feel like I'm living in a dream this morning - I would not have thought for a second thst we would go from the restrictions we have had since before Christmas to basically zero restrictions possibly from this evening. It would make your head spin!

              I'm delighted for industries that have been badly restricted by this but will probably be a bit cautiouse myslef for the next few weeks - I can't see myself going into a packed bar and restaurant till I see what the impact of the lifting of restrictions is. I don't worry too much about getting really sick but I still want to try and avoid getting this thing as I don't want to be stuck indoors for two weeks or whatever, assuming that will still be a thing anymore.

              Looking back on the last two years, I think Ireland got things right largely in its response to this up to Jan 2021 and the aftermath of the meaningful Christmas.

              The Govt got that wrong and then took too cautious an approach from then on - keeping hospitality with big restrictions all the way to October when they should have been near fully open since early summer - because, we want to make sure when we open, we can stay open. That worked well - not!

              Also the restrictions on hospitality that were brought in before xmas that largely made no sense to anyone and were arguably not needed even then looking at what was happening in other countries with Omicron.

              Not to mention the restrictions on things like maternity services that should have been handled better and had restrictions lifted faster, especially after springtime last year.

              But they did get the vaccine rollout spot on and that put is in a very strong position and by and large did manage to shield the health service which was one of the main goals and stopped us seeing the awful problems other countries experienced.

              So on balance overall we did okay as a country and are coming out the other side better than we might have thought even this time last year and credit has to be given for that.

              I just hope this is truly behind us and we never have to endure something like this again and my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones due to covid, who could not say proper good bye's where there loved ones passed during covid, who got sick and who have long covid and those who have seen their livelyhoods damaged/destroyed over the last two years.


              • I know two people (brothers) who have now had covid three times. Is that some record? You have to ask yourself some serious questions about protecting yourself from this virus when there are so many C.N.G.A.F people out there. One of my nieces is after her second round of covid so I worry about my sister getting it off her - another C.N.G.A.F person. Having a good time down the pub comes first.


                • Do we feel the Govermnet achieved what it set out to do? ( assuming this is the end of restrictions)


                  • Originally posted by Rennwagen View Post
                    Do we feel the Govermnet achieved what it set out to do? ( assuming this is the end of restrictions)
                    I think, they, as a bunch of fallible humans like the rest of us, muddled along as best they could, though lost their nerve in holding a consistent line at various points when different groups started complaining leading to complex set of contradictions where we were too strict in one area, too lenient in another.

                    I think some have seen may as have seen me as defending the Government or NEPHET like I was a supporter of any party, but in reality I have no political allegiance here, more just taking the view that it's a nutso once in a generation experience and sometimes its better to cut the people making the minute by minute tough decisions some slack and rolling with it for the sake of the greater good, even if I don't always agree. A case of picking your battles I guess - everyone throwing a strop at everything makes the whole situation harder. That's not to discount people who had genuine problems of course, rather than people who felt their human rights were denied because they had to sit on the couch a bit more.

                    It could have been handled better, but it could have been a lot worse. It's a once in a generation thing of Biblical proportions where we're not really in control and subject to the whims of nature. I think that's where some of the frustration people have had is coming from. We're not used to being under the thumb of natural forces in the 21st century, we have this illusion that we can control and manage everything rather than the world just being random chaos that isn't always going to go your way. We live in a world where people just go to a supermarket and expect everything to be there everyday and don't remember it any other way, vs. ancient times when your life hung in the balance of a good harvest or the movement of migratory herds of animals or people died of minor infections because there were no antibiotics

                    I think folks in the middle ages and ancient times perhaps had a clearer relationship with this sort of precariousness, while we've all lived in a bubble where we can use a magic handheld device to order food and someone brings it to your house and get annoyed if its 10 minutes late.
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                    • The economy is OK, the public finances are just about OK and we have one of the lowest rates of excess deaths in the world. Also no institutional corruption in our response - just a bunch of people doing their best.

                      "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)


                      • 892 covid patients in hospital reported today
                        Discharges 71
                        Direct covid admissions 64
                        Hospital detected/incidental admissions 55
                        ICU 88


                        • I wouldn't be so harsh Alfa, I know plenty of people that have been very careful and still somehow caught it. Especially the omicron strain.


                          • End of a lot of restrictions is good but I can't help thinking everything is now happening very (too??) fast. As said earlier by someone else, I won't be in a rush out to any crowded pubs or restaurants.


                            • I rarely comment on Covid, so keeping to this one single comment. To the people who just want to go back to how it was pre-pandemic,

                              We reap what we sow. It's not as if the human race as a whole is going to suddenly find a conscience and stop trashing the natural world. It's pretty naive to think something like this won't happen again. Fingers crossed it won't, but I suspect crossed fingers won't do much. I do see some hope from the younger generation though so will be giving them my full support towards their causes.

                              Of course, we all need a break from covid in the short term, but honestly, I cannot see how we can go back to how it was.... And I actually hope we don't

                              P.S. If my company thinks it can drag me back into the office - not a chance


                              • My one note of caution on all this, is there's (IMO) a lot of correlation proves causation going around on vaccines/boosters and Omicron. I think the vaccines were very effective against the original strain and the delta strain, but I think Omicron was just mild as proved by very similar results from a lot of countries with different vaccination profiles. I dont know if anyone saw this the other day, in the context of the UK possibly not being able to hold up the vaccine mandate for healthworkers in court.


                                "The document prepared by DHSC officials noted that two vaccine doses provide up to 32% effectiveness against Omicron infection, which wanes to in effective zero 20 weeks later.

                                At the time the policy was developed, two-dose effectiveness against infection with the Delta variant was substantially higher – 65% with Oxford/AstraZeneca and 80% with Pfizer/BioNTech, the DHSC memo said.

                                Booster jabs have since been shown to be highly effective but are not part of the law for NHS workers."

                                Now the Israelis are of the belief that the booster will itself, in time, wane in effectiveness. So its quite possible that (just like when Delta hit us), many of our earliest "boosted" citizens are waning in protection (or already have) and we might be at the mercy of some new variant of it that isn't quite so mild. For the moment, I'm happy to rejoice that the worst is behind us but with this thing you never know.


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