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  • ROI today:

    461 new positive cases
    162 Hospital inpatients
    46 ICU patients


    • If you will excuse me for this being in german, this is a graph showing the fully vaccinated people in a few countries.
      (ie. totals)

      WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FLYING (something) is going on.
      The four countries at the bottom show Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.
      All of comparable size and population.
      The other is Israel (which has the same (relatively speaking) size and population, and Germany.

      Why are we not bloody able to vaccinate people??

      Ah, someone would say, but the Israeli used the army to do it. So?? Why can't we?
      Ze germans have vaccinated more people than there are in any of the other countries without the use of armed forces.
      They just rolled up their sleeves and went ahead and did it.

      What is going on is an absolute travesty on a I-don't-know-which-level. At what point can we accuse our officials and administrators of criminal negligence?
      We waited 9 months for a vaccine to come, and what did we do with that time? Apparently nothing, as we did not plan the rollout very well if this is the progress we are making.
      "This is a non-contact sport but then so is ice hockey" - Roberto Giordanelli on Irish FIAT Punto racing but applies to all Irish racing..
      "Tailgaters have small dicks" - Me


      • That's this graph here. https://ourworldindata.org/explorers...RL~NLD~BEL~DNK
        If you click the relative to population check box at the top, you will see Germany is inline with the rest of the EU countries on the graph. They like us have been jabbing them into people as quickly as they can get them. Isn't the EU purchasing the Vaccines as a block and dividing them up through out the member states based on population, of course Germany are getting more than us with 17 times the population of us (4.9m v 83m)


        • Yep that’s how it works. You can clearly argue that the EU has done a poor job with the purchasing of vaccines but the “last mile” is working well.


          • I was going to post the same link as slummingangel.
            Per head of population were inline or slightly better.


            According to my neighbor he got his vaccine in City West from a member of the defence forces so they must have medics helping.


            • A friend is a nurse involved in the vaccination program. She said the biggest issue they have had in rolling it out has been the supply of vaccines. Its varied every week making it an administration nightmare.
              The EU have signed (or about to sign) the biggesy vaccine deal ever with Pfizer btw


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                • Those last 3 days look like nice consistent levels. Let's hope we see that continue to improve.


                  • Hey hi-rev didn’t you just return here after another move fell through, sorry that didn’t work out btw.
                    Free will and all that, not meaning to be rude but given I think you’re what we call a ‘blow in’ , call it quid pro quo

                    Remember that concept of it being ok for Irish people to call this place a kip , but not cool if you CHOOSE to live here.

                    I’d suggest you try Germany & Israel for a few years, they may not have the same problems but you can be sure they have plenty of their own.

                    The German & Israeli military ...... a great bunch of lads


                    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with how Ireland is dishing out vaccines. Astra Zeneca on the other hand... bunch of muppets.

                      By the way, Israel is back to BAU in case that’s news. So we should be able to look forward to the same in a little while.


                      • Does anyone know what the latest is with gettting a ferry to the uk? I know at the moment i cant as i cant travel outside my county but for other levels when we get into them. Do i need a test to travel?


                        • You don’t need a test to go to the UK, you need a test on the way back unless you go through the north. I’m sure there are exit restrictions here but not in the other direction.


                          • Happy to report my Grandparents have received their 2nd doses. Pfizer. No side effects other than a sore arm.


                            • Im not planning on going just yet, but was hoping that restrictions may have eased enough to go over in June for a few days. I know Im not alone so don't view myself as a special case but I haven't see my mum or dad since last Feb. Given my dad has worsening dementia Ive likely missed out on a lot of what he has left and wont be the same person when I do get to see him. I am also desperate to give my mum some emotional support in person and not just on the phone etc Yes I know I could break the rules and drive to Belfast etc but I don't want to have to do that


                              • What you are describing is an essential journey, by the way.


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