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    I watched it legally on some platform. Sky had it (has it?) as part of box sets I think.

    Another couple of shows that I believe didn’t get a mention:

    Fargo. Was on TV but I think all the seasons are on Netflix now. About as good as the movie.

    Get Shorty. I can’t remember where I watched this show but well worth a watch. Similar in style to the movie but has its own whacky storyline.

    Shameless US. Probably my favourite show, now on season 8 or 9 so has a following clearly. On Netflix.

    Criminal. Netflix. New-ish show. Set in 3-4 different countries. Essentially theatre style so very well acted.

    The Last Kingdom. Loosely based on real events as Vikings fought Saxons in England. I never hear people talk about it but I thought it was a cracking show.

    Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime is worth a watch as well.

    So yeah, no shortage of stuff to watch.


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      So much to watch now its just a bit overwhelming so I end up watching whatever I fancy on You tube. Currently police car chases, interview room interrogations, motorcycle reviews murder investigations etc. Anything longer than 15 minutes I skip through the dull bits.

      My new smart TV in my room has not been switched on for about two weeks.

      I do follow "Power" on Netflix now season 6 is on it. Also like watching documentaries - especially Dispatches on 4oD.


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        Power seasons 1-4 were good. S5 so-so. Season 6, which is the final season, is absolute rubbish. It's p1ss poor compared to earlier seasons, and not worth bothering with. I stuck with it just to get to the end, and that was frankly a waste of time. Final episodes don't screen now until January, and last week's episode was one of the worst ever.


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          Sorry, that list is what I have looked at and a few others mentioned

          But a Few things to look up, that BSG looks like one to watch

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            Haven't seen Sopranos mentioned. Watched it over the last few months. Really enjoyed it!


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              Vikings is very good


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                BoJack horseman is quality, every time a new series comes out I go back to the start and watch it through.
                Just don't expect it to be funny.


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                  The super factories series on 4oD well worth a watch.

                  This episode looks inside the McLaren factory - sorry production center and some others. Only available for another 10 days.



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                    Some great recommendations here.

                    Here are mine:


                    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a bit of a marmite show, but one of my favourites. It's the funniest thing I've seen by a long way. Larry David is a genius!

                    Arrested Development - the Fox version of AD is their best show an all time comedy classic. With high-quality acting and hilarious writing throughout, it's another one that benefits from a couple of watches as the writing is so dense and the jokes so plentiful.

                    I am Alan Partridge - Iannucci and Coogan at their very best.

                    Louie is an intelligent, witty, touching, hilarious show. Written and directed by Louis CK, it conculded 4 years ago but hasn't lost any of its impact. I recently re-watch S4 and 5 and they reminded me of how good it is. "So Did the Fat Lady" in S4 is one of the best pieces of television I've ever seen and "Cop Story" in S5 (staring Michael Rapaport) is almost as good.


                    The Paradise Lost trilogy. A very early piece of work from Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. A low budget, rough, three part documentary that is utterly compelling. It follows a horrific triple child murder in West Memphis that lead to the trial of three nonconformist boys based on questionable evidence. It's not for the feint of heart, with a lot of graphic crime scene footage, but it is damning indictment of the US criminal justice system. There is a 2012 documentary called West of Memphis which tells the whole story in 2.30hrs, it's decent but can't hold a candle to the first three original documentaries. I really can't recommend this highly enough. And if you are going to watch it, don't Google the story beforehand!

                    The Fog of War - Errol Morris at his finest. He distills more than 20 hours of interviews that he conducted with Robert McNamara over a span of two years, when McNamara in his mid-80s, discussing his various ventures - ranging from his days at Ford, the Cuban missile crisis, and - finally and mainly - his views of the Vietnam War. A brilliant and gripping documentary.

                    Hoop Dreams - hard to believe that this is now 25 years old! A seminal documentary, one that really started the ball rolling and brought documentaries into the modern main stream.

                    The Vietnam War - this 2017 production by Ken Burns for PBS isn't easy watching but is highly recommended. It is an extremely insightful and comprehensive portrait of the war from its roots to its conclusion, told in first person by US vets but also by north and south Vietnamese soldiers as well as civilians. It's a heartbreaking and deeply moving piece of television.
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                      ok, after all these intelligent grown up choices, is it wrong to admit I kinda enjoyed the simple superhero goofiness of Netflixs' Ultraman reboot?

                      The Defiant Ones is fascinating if you've any interest in popular music overy the last few decades - traces the oddly intertwining paths of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre

                      I've never seen the wire.


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                          Originally posted by richeyc2000 View Post
                          Just watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix.
                          Frustrating in the chopping of the story back and forth but it’s only 3 x 1 hr episodes so it’s a fast watch.

                          Very interesting and I remember it from years ago but as with anything time pushed it from memory.

                          Well worth 3 hours.
                          The podcast 'Gladiator' is a great listen.


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                            The bridge (subtitle version) absolutely fab


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                              The Witcher
                              The Mandalorian
                              Godfather Of Harlem (bumpy Johnson , prequel to the Film American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe )

                              Watch over Christmas , very enjoyable
                              Doing it with Twins is better than being Single


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                                Le Tueur du lac is worth a watch. 8 episodes in total - set in Annecy a gendarme husband and policewoman wife investigate a series of deaths. It is in French with subtitles.


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