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    Anybody any recommendations

    The shield
    The bridge (Danish and American version)
    Boardwalk empire
    The wire
    The walking dead
    Band of brothers
    The sopranos
    Better call Saul
    Breaking bad
    Game of thrones
    West Wing
    True detective
    Peaky blinders
    Man in the high castle


    The devil next door
    The keepers
    Mad men
    The killing
    El chapo
    Sons of anarchy
    Wild wild country
    Communism versus chuck norris
    Top boy
    Mind hunter
    Orange new black
    Stranger things
    Líne of duty
    House of cards

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    Tbh any of those is worth a watch.

    Unabomber on Netflix is worth a watch, and if you have Amazon Prime The expanse and man in the high castle are wo


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      Ray Donovan
      Silicon Valley (funny)
      Mr Robot (although depends on your mood)
      The Blacklist
      Rescue Me (old one)
      Big Little Lies
      Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (excellent)


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        1) The Wire
        2) The Wire
        3) The Wire

        In that exact order


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          I'll tell you which ones out of that list that I would recommend. Plenty of others on your list that I gave up on after a few episodes but trialling doesn't cost anything so I wouldn't overly worry about it. Try a few and see what sticks. I generally detest anything to do with politics, royal family or business so that colours my recommendations.

          I think first couple of seasons of Breaking Bad are hard to beat. It went a bit soft after that but at that stage you're committed. I would skip Better Call Saul, it's quite dull. El Camino is good, though, but you need to watch Breaking Bad first.

          The Wire is considered transformational when it comes to TV. It's not easy viewing but generally considered one of the best.

          Band of Brothers was excellent back in the day but not sure how it stands up to scrutiny now.

          Homeland is pretty cool, would recommend giving that a go. I think it took a while to get going if I remember but one of few TV series that has kept going at high quality with each season so I think worth the investment.

          Given that I'm generally fed up with American TV, Peaky Blinders is really good. There are many other decent BBC shows as well with a bit depth and heart generally missing from American stuff. Luther is not bad as well but hardly mandatory viewing.

          The Swedish/Danish The Bridge is excellent throughout.

          And a show that I dismissed for years and started watching by accident was the remake of Battlestar Galactica. In my opinion, in the top 3 of shows ever made.


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            Good call on bsg remake there dmz. It was superb and really worrh watching. If you liked it id highly recommend the expanse, its top notch


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              That's gas. I thought Better Call Saul was absolutely magnificent. Slooow but wonderfully and indulgently slow. I'm not usually one for cinematography w@nk but I was enthralled with BCS. I also didn't particularly like Breaking Bad until the later seasons!!

              I could take or leave 60% of the stuff on the list above tbh. But mindhunter is fab, the wire of course is extraordinary, GOT was a game changer and Narcos was fcukin awesome.
              I'm on a stand up comedian special run at the minute on netflix. Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, and yes Louis Ck too - he's not suddenly not funny any more!
              I'm also getting to know some female comics that are savage - Nikki Glaser, Whitney Cummings eg


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                Lots of good stuff there. Anyone considering watching Top Boy, you must watch Top Boy Summerhouse first.

                For a bit of compelling, quirky, entertainment on Netflix, try People Just Do Nothing.

                And for mindless but entertaining drivel Brooklyn 99 beats Suits hands down.
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                  And another thing. Obvs many of us on here will have watched Netflix's Dirty Money documentary on Dieselgate. The rest of the series was also excellent, the one on HSBC in particular stuck in my mind.
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                    BSG TV series from 2003-2008 is a must. Also add the following to that list;

                    Bates Motel
                    For all Mankind
                    Jack Ryan
                    Project Blue Book
                    Sharp Objects
                    The Americans
                    The Boys
                    The Looming Tower
                    The Sinner
                    The Spy


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                      Drop whatever you’re doing and watch the Wire!

                      It may take 2/3 episodes to get into it but it’s absolutely outstanding.

                      All in the game yo.


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                        I used to recommend The Wire to people but I’ve stopped. It’s too much for a TV show rookie. It’s like giving someone a hit of good heroin but then telling them it’s all gone, and you’ll just have to make do with a bit of weed and some pills from now on. People need to work up to that .

                        All great shows mentioned and some new ones for me to watch. For some of the more eclectic stuff try these:

                        Rick and Morty
                        F is for Family
                        Big Mouth

                        All on Netflix and you’ll probably have to watch on your own as they are not traditional wife material.
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                          Where does one find The Wire?
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                            Originally posted by LukeyLuke View Post
                            Drop whatever you’re doing and watch the Wire!

                            It may take 2/3 episodes to get into it but it’s absolutely outstanding.

                            All in the game yo.
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                              Originally posted by JPW View Post
                              Where does one find The Wire?
                              I don’t think there’s any legal way to stream it in Ireland. Does be on the normal tv platforms from time to time. You’d have to buy the box set or go download it otherwise.


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