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  • Vidaxl

    Has anyone ordered anything from vidaxl online?
    I've had ads popping up for ages and now I'm looking at a workbench for my shed and they seem to be very competitively priced. Has anyone used them? They seem to be based in the Netherlands and offer free delivery/returns aswell.

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    No idea, but I was nearly about to delete this thread as spam as it sounded like one of those pills for middle aged men who have problems getting the wee man to stand to attention at inopportune times.


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      I ordered a wheely bin hiding solution, when it arrived it was so crap and the wooden panels were so thin. not all the items were in the broken open box. i eventually after weeks got a returns label sent to me, I then had to go and pack it all up better than they sent it to me, they sent a courier to collect it and after about another 3 weeks I finally got a refund.


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        Will be giving them a miss so


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          I ordered a solid oak table top for my stand up desk frame that I bought on Amazon. Excellent quality, free delivery, and far cheaper than anything else online or local.


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            I got a patio furniture set. Not the best by any means but can't complain for the money. Assembly was a pain at times with stuff not lining up but got through it. Don't think I'd bother with a work bench off them unless it was for light diy use


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              Got a small metal storage unit off them - I am very handy at putting things like this together, and it took two bleeding days - and required multiple uses of an angle grinder and drill. Holes were't where they should be, notches weren't cut out, some panels were numbered incorrectly. It actually does the job perfectly for what we wanted, but it was an ordeal. Its not top qualiuty stuff by any stretch.


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                I bought an awning off them. It's definitely not a premium product but I'd still say it was value for money.

                Ikea spoils you with the clarity of their instructions, VidaXL's instructions were best described as suggestions and allusions.
                Same as kdevitt above, if you're not handy you might have a bad time.



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                  Have bought shelving and work bench legs of them, no issues. It's not top quality but it's good enough for my needs.


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                    Spotted these on sale, probably still a lot dearer than Vida XL though...

                    €204 with trade card.

                    Halfords Advanced 72in Workbench with Rubber Wood Top | Halfords IE


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                      If you're tight on space I have this which might suit, BR discount applies.

                      Adjustable Nursing Healthcare Work Bench For Sale in Greystones, Wicklow from shagman (adverts.ie)


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