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  • Job interview coaching

    Just wondering has anyone ever used someone to coach them for a job interview?

    Has anyone any recommendations?

    I did have a few names of people but for the life of me I cant find their names or details.

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    Can't help with the coach unfortunately but as an aside, in my industry, they usually like it when you give examples to back up what you're saying.

    E. G. How are you suited to the role?

    I'm really well organised. For example, in my current job I was tasked with...

    Good luck with the interview/job man!


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        Buddy of my runs a firm - does recruiting and exec coaching. Ask for Paul - can mention me, Simon



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          Thanks for the links and information,I will contact some of them tomorrow.

          Much appreciated 👍


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            Some good advice here



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              Youtube is packed with interview tips for every type of job imaginable, you will be able to find enough information to get a leg up on most people just by having a look there.


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                If its a competency based interview then your prep will be completely different to an old school 'what are your strengths' type one. If it is a competency based one - you'll need to get your examples very well prepared to cover all the bases in terms of what you expect to be asked, and always remember to stick to the flow of situation - task - action - result.


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                  Public or private sector? Competency based or not?

                  There are a lot of people in this field - I've had a couple of different coaches - what you need depends a lot on the level you're at/going for.
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                      Longer term projects that pay off in this sphere are to join Toastmasters and watch Dragons Den and The Apprentice.

                      Toastmasters has a section in each meeting called Table Topics. A Topics master will throw out a topic and it is free to any person to talk for no more than 2 minutes. You'll learn how to open, make a point, and close succinctly. As you go to more meetings and get to know people, you'll become very good at anticipating and covering off inadequacies in your thoughts. Because once you've spoken it is free for others to pick you apart if you've made glaring errors or left a point unexplained. Don't get me wrong, people are not out to get you, but you'll squirm in your seat if you left room in an answer for another Toastmaster to chide you. All gentle repartee, of course. What has this got to do with interviews though?

                      You become quick at forming thoughts, but better still, you become very proficient at articulating your thoughts in a structured manner. Unlike interviews, Table Topics are blind, you cannot anticipate them. Interview questions you can.

                      Dragon Den and The Apprentice, allow you to see what answers work and don't work. You see how some people can fly through with little scrutiny and others are hammered on details.

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