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Sea Swimming.

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  • Sea Swimming.

    Its not something I do here or even in Spain in the summer because the water is always freezing but because the gyms and swimming pools are all closed I now have no choice.

    So tomorrow its out to Fenit with the wet suit and I will see how I get on.

    Is my Garmin Vivomax 3 watch no good in salt water? Think it is only for swimming pools but whoever thought we would be in this situation when I bought the watch late last year.

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    Seems that the watch would be fine once you wash it thoroughly afterwards with fresh water.


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      Leaving the fcukin watch at home AG and just enjoy the sensation and elements.
      Consider a skull cap too, really takes the edge off.
      Take the usual precautions and be aware of breathing , try to slow it and avoid cold water shock like!
      Build up time in the water and distance SLOWLY but you can train the body/mind to endure longer as you progress.
      Then when you’re more accustomed , lose the suit and get the full endorphin rush & health benefits - there’ll be no looking back at pools!


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        Thanks - I have the full wet suit except no gloves - might get a pair before setting off. Your right I suppose to take this in easy baby steps and build up. I only used the wet suit once before and it really keeps you warm and provides some extra buoyancy. Might get a set of diver type googles too as the pool swimming goggles tend to fog up.


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          Do NOT go and do this alone. Especially if you haven't swam in this area before. Its reckless and dangerous.
          There's rip currents there, if i remember correctly.


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            Also you don't need goggles or any kind of face shield in the sea - no chemicals to irritate your eyes!


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              It’s grand JT, he’ll float really well in the suit and might be able to give us a first hand account in trumpland .
              AG there’s a brilliant blog called ‘the loan swimmer’ that has really good info for those who choose to swim alone.

              I’d also leave the gloves at home & the snorkaling mask, otherwise you get zero immersive benefits and tbh you kind of end up thinking what’s the point with all the gear.
              Also your hands can be a good and first indicator that you might want to consider getting out before you get THE CLAW....


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                Get in all the way quickly. This can be diffiicult on beaches which have a very long shallow run out to the water deep enough for you to swim in.

                Deep slow breaths to deal with the cold shock. As soon as you can float get all 4 limbs moving and don't stop until you feel you've gotten mostly used to it.

                I'd echo the advice above to be extremely careful and recognise just how easy it is to be swept out etc. Check the weather too. I went swimming once to get home and realise that there was a small craft warning and I really, really shouldn't have gone swimming.

                I'd also advise from experience come up with a better solution than bringing your car key into the water. Some may recall I had to deal with being locked out of my car in soaking wet shorts and having to seek help from a local who went home, got me a jacket and came back with wire coathangers so we could get into my car. Some people are amazingly sound.

                I need to get back in the sea as well. Haven't been since September last year.
                Anon. - "owned since 2004. never had a disc on her."


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                  I've done a hell of a lot of sea swimming over the years. Few liffey swims and Dun Laoghaire harbour races.

                  Main advice is to swim parallel to the shore. If there are people there when you arrive talk to them and ask for advice on best way to swim based on the current flow of the tide. If you're in a wet suit you will be fine - I was swimming last week in just a hat and togs! If you're going on your own try reference a few landmarks before you get in, makes it easier for when you're in the water.

                  If your pool are fogging up you need a new pair of goggles.

                  Best of luck. Enjoy the good weather we are having and most importantly be safe.


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                    My swim attempt failed today before I even got in the water. I now remember why I only wore that wet suit once - its too small for me - or at least it seems to be. Back zipper will only close half way up and even to get it there is a struggle. The separation between the zippers is impossibly wide when I have the suit on. Been looking at some you tube video's on how to fit a wet suit but they are all skinny types. I am pretty heavy built even though I only weigh 80kg.

                    That wet suit cost me €500 and was supposedly professionally fitted for me by the shop who took all the measurements etc. If anything I have lost about 4/5 kg since then.

                    I did try to swim without the wet suit but the water is just too cold to get any meaningful swimming done.

                    Now with this new 2km radius of the house restriction I will be left with only running and cycling and some weight training.

                    Pity - Fenit looked idyllic today and the water was as smooth as glass but as cold as having an ice bath.


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                      Have a look on youtube for a how to put on tight wetsuit or something, you need to be dragging that fecker up over the hips and ribs, leaving it shorter on the calves if necessary and bare able, maybe some talc or something too.
                      At least try that before you bin it and give it a good stretch before you put it on.


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                        Has the wetsuit a long 'string/cord' attached to the zipper pull up thing? I almost dislocated my shoulder getting into mine last year, had to ask a pretty young girl on the beach to help me zip it up (the wetsuit)!!


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                          Ill try it again tomorrow and get the brother to try and zip it up for me just to see will it fit.

                          Yes it has the long strap on the zip. I did not like approaching anybody on the beach today over the virus as they might tell me to shag off. It probably does need a bit of a stretch as it has been sitting in a wardrobe for about 5 years. Talc powder is a good idea. I did use some WD40 that I had in the jeep on the zip but no go.

                          Last time I used it a nice lady helped me zip it up - so I know it does fit but id prefer not to be bothering people on the beach. Might have to get a front zip type. I was impressed at how warm and buoyant you are in them so it is a good quality item but I do recall my hands were freezing with no gloves.


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                            When you get it up to your chest Ag, grab a good roll of it at your stomach and pull up, same above your arse and yeah definitely free up the zip before you start putting it on, fab weather for it assuming you can fit within lockdown


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                              Try some baby oil on the legs of it so you can pull it up. As said, the legs are the most important thing to fit!