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1999 Audi TT 225 Project

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  • 1999 Audi TT 225 Project

    I decided to put this into The Shed because it most certainly could do with some love...I wrote a to-do list today of 39 things and I'm sure I'll think of more (a mix of major and minor that I'll share at some stage when I've caught up with other posts!). I also noticed very few threads on these cars though maybe I wasn't looking in the right places. It may or may not turn out to be the most technical of threads but having it here might just encourage me to do some jobs I might otherwise let a mechanic do. I bought the car because I've wanted one for ages, they are quite cheap even in today's market and I thought it would be a good one to learn more about cars with (even if sometimes it's learning from a mechanic as s/he does it)! I nearly walked away but in the end I think I did alright - time will tell.

    I picked it up yesterday and can't wait to get started on it.

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    I have always had a soft spot for these. Looking forward to seeing progress.
    It doesn't matter if you are replacing a missing bolt or it's a much bigger job. Progress is progress.
    Nice picture by the way.
    When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command.

    Very often that individual is crazy.


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      Happy days - congrats on the new car. I think these will be a future classic. Following!


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        Ran one of these for 12 mths before selling it last July. Was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Can't keep them all though.


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          Great cars!

          I'd be considering this nice little number from MaxtonDesign to compliment the 3.2 diffuser

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            Well done on the purchase and more importantly,intent to do the work on it.

            In the current market where it seems everything from shopping trolleys and up are increasing in price,the MK1 TT seems to have miraculously escaped much attention for some reason.

            I run a Mk2 as my every day car but I'd like to try the Mk1 at some point.


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              So I have done something that I never thought I would do and bought back a mk1 cabrio I owned in 2016.

              My iphone is to blame for this one, I flicked over to see my news feed and the picture feed showed me a pic of the car in 2016 up the sally gap.

              Onto donedeal to see what's the going rate for one as I'm sitting to see if the mayhem of the market stops after selling a mk4 mx5 recently and low and behold a silver cabrio flashed up in Wexford.... to my it couldn't be my old one could it..??? quick check of the plate and its my old mk1 "trixy"

              So was it faith..?? well autoline sealed the deal by adding to my classic policy so next was the call to see what was the story on the car.... still available....

              Having has the car for a few years in my ownership I had a lot of work done to it with my indy able to tell me the mileage all works were done at like timing belt waterpump etc etc

              The car has done less than 5000miles since my ownership and was with the same owner I sold it to.

              I asked was there history with the car and the owner couldn't tell me and mislaid the receipts I had with the car which I'm thinking was a reason it scared a potential buyer off as there is a bit of work to get it to a good space once its at that time of its life.

              Left with cash in my pocket and was about 45 minutes away from me so ideal... the car was bought 2 minutes after I arrived.... when you know you know... it was kept inside and nct was out but I know the car and it has good bones.

              So into my indy to see what's to be done and 2 tyres a rocket cover gasket full service including ignition coils and two bump stops at the rear he reckons iv done very well.

              Best of luck with yours and enjoy it in this mad times when something fun is getting more and more out of reach for us gear heads.

              Great car and I plan on really enjoying this again and it really has great memories for others which I found if anything another reason to keep it for a while.


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                Health to enjoy, you made it back from Oz then, is the GT86 following??
                I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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                  charlie fortytwo cheers guys!
                  Gn3dr the first one I drove was awful and I thought if they're all like this I don't want one. I drove this one and it was gorgeous - hopefully I can keep it a long time now they can be put on classic policies.
                  e30mclow haha, they're nice alright and give it an edge. I'll start looking at aesthetic changes once I've confidence it's one I want to keep
                  Titan cheers. Hopefully I can back it up and do it. Major thing at the moment is a timing belt change. Have been watching videos on how to do it and should hopefully give it a crack when I've ordered the parts and I've....time I really don't understand why they haven't ballooned (though I do think they are increasing), maybe it's that awkward age of insuring them and expensive maintenance but there's plenty of other cars like that! This one is a pretty penny: https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-...t-mk1/30169267
                  Mr Troop That's gas, I would have test drove that had it not been sold as would love to see what they drive like. I was keen on a convertible as a second/classic car and a TT cabriolet fit the bill. When I had time to test drive there I don't think there were any on the market that interested me. Congrats on the (re)purchase What are they like to drive?
                  Bazg2 Thanks, hopefully you've spotted my post in my thread in R-Roads!

                  I've a ball of history that is quite good between 2006 to 2013. So far I've/my brother has deduced there were R32 ARBs fitted, a Milltek exhaust system (and not just the tips), it's had a remap, it's had lowering springs fitted, the seller fitted a RAM air intake, it's been absolutely spoiled by 2 owners, one owner bought a racer bike in Halfords in 2013 and the car spent a year in Netherlands. More recent lack of history suggests it's not been used as much since 2015/2016ish which is what the seller said and it is due a timing belt based on age at this stage (though it's within the mileage interval). Found a beautifully laid out service history spreadsheet so I intend to replicate that. I used BWS TT's Basic Checklist video to see what to look out for specifically as I wouldn't be very mechanically inclined (yet!) - a handy guide for someone if they're looking. Surprisingly, my main policy will actually swap over for an extra 50% on top of my premium (on an 05' A3 1.6 petrol) but I'm planning to take out a classic policy and swap the main one over to my GT86 when it arrives so that I can work away on the TT at my leisure and still have a car to drive around.

                  Next tasks are:

                  - Run it through NCT and see if it needs anything I haven't noticed,
                  - See what issues need urgent attention - Timing belt is one, tyres is another and possibly a rear bearing that I noticed was noisy on the drive home,
                  - Order parts and tools (and possibly a manual),
                  - Get stuck in.


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                    I'd love a drop top one of these as a project/weekend car. Looking forward to seeing where this goes


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                      Had mine in TDR during the week. Getting it ready for a track day next month.It's been a while since I have been on track. Have the car 10 years in March. Been very reliable. I'll never sell it. 🤣
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                        Jamesc Ooooo that looks like a proper weapon! And just like the type of car my tyre guy wants me to create. He's a mad BBS LM fan even though I told him I liked the alloys I have 🤣
                        Had planned to post an update here but got sidetracked by a different post and too tired now. Will update soon!


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