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    You're a martyr to the cause.

    E39 M5, Mk2 GTI, Mk1 GTI, E30, Caddy vanyadda yadda

    Stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes.


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      So the next job was masking the car off, cleaning off any surface rust and scuffing the underside for primer and Novol Gravitex.

      This was late November/early December, with the baby due mid January I took a week off work to get this done.

      Rust convertor to stop anything I didn't get to with a scoth pad.

      First coat of epoxy primer

      While I was waiting, cleaned up and painted all of the heat shields with high temp paint.

      The plan is to drive this as much as possible in all weathers so now began the task of seam sealing. Not a fun job.

      First coat of Novol Gravitex

      I regret not buying new bolts now for sure looking back at this.

      Some pictures of the finished product....

      I've also fitted up the new to me Kakimoto cat back, it's a good bit quieter than what was there previously but still a little on the loud side for me. I'll still be on the look out for a fujibitsubo legalis r at some point.

      Loads more progress since just need to sort and organise photos yet.

      The car is waiting for an nct appoint. Going to a mechanic for a timing belt, water pump and service next week to get ready for the nct.


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        Ok so I couldn't get an nct date for quite a while. Hamilton car restoration gave me a date in early January to remove the rear screen and do the welding around the and the A pillars.

        So the car was away for a little over 2 months

        Got a new rear lower panel welded in as the top lip had started to go. It was very minor but wanted to make sure while it was there everything is perfect.

        Just realised I didn't take any pictures of the finished product.

        They cleaned back the surface rust on the A-pillars and everything was perfect, they were happy all was good so primed them and painted them.

        Again no pictures of this unfortunately.

        There was quite a few storms and boot was full of water and got a genuine Toyota boot seal and fitted it. Thankfully no more leaks.

        So collected the car after a little over 2 months.

        Was delighted with the welding, unfortunately they damaged the paint on one quarter panel quite badly. they've agreed to paint the whole panel at their own cost thankfully.

        Then it was off to get ready for the nct.

        The electric windows did not work at all so that was number one issue to be addressed, found a local person through a vintage car club and he found that the switch was the issue and fixed it. I now need to get the passenger switch fixed.

        The list was:
        - Timing belt
        - Water pump
        - service
        - change diff oil, gear oil
        - Put on new tyres

        So that work was completed and a new list created.

        - front left wheel bearing
        - 2 x inner tie rods
        - front drop links
        - propshaft bearing
        - brake pads
        - Rear spring upper and lower rubbers

        It looks small but got quite a gunk at the price of all this.

        Picked up an interior light cover also.

        All got fitted except the brake pads and propshaft bearing in time for the nct. The brake pads didn't show up on time unfortunately.

        Quick clean and fall out remover after all the welding.

        Cleaned up pretty well thankfully.

        Nct date arrived and unfortunately it failed. All on very minor stuff thankfully.

        I need to get the seat recovered but I was just chancing my arm, I've another one that I can swap in anyway. Nct re test booked for end of month and then a quick charity spin. So fingers crossed there will be a full disc in the window by the end of the month.


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          How bad was the drivers seat that they failed you on it?


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            Originally posted by Auto_Motive View Post
            How bad was the drivers seat that they failed you on it?
            Ah the frame is visible on drivers bolster.


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              Great work done! Car will be good for another good few years after all this!


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                Originally posted by Smythy411 View Post
                Great work done! Car will be good for another good few years after all this!
                Cheers man. That's the plan fingers crossed. Took the opportunity to get any sort of other rust removed while it was there.


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                  Awesome, it looks incredible. Fair play....


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                    Great result! NCT stuff looks relatively easy to sort! Car looks awesome!


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                      Cheers folks. Just dropped it off with the mechanic for the brake pads and get the propshaft bearing fitted.

                      Oh I also forgot it got a new alternator as well.

                      The black trim and quarter panel will get painted at some point later in the year. I'll get the window switches fixed at the same time when it's sitting for a while.

                      I have pioneer speakers for the back that I'll fit at some point this summer. I bought a stereo but unfortunately its a dud. I picked up another 2nd hand one for €50 delivered with usb and bluetooth, same one I have in my mx-5 which is great.

                      Looking forward to putting some miles on this over summer.

                      Where is good to order plastic jap size number plates now?


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                        Originally posted by davemx-5 View Post

                        Where is good to order plastic jap size number plates now?
                        Got mine from here: Number Plates Ireland - Design & Order Online - from only €9

                        Good thing you can design them on the site and get a preview. I went with 330x165mm


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                          Thanks for that. I got some locally for €25 with a free fitting kit. I couldn't find that site and others were coming in at €65 delivered.


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                            Got the new brake pads and propshaft bearing fitted for nct.

                            Swapped over a mint Bride Brix from my mx5 into this as well for the nct, and put on the plastic number plates.

                            Had the restest booked on Saturday at lunch time, but left the house at 7am for a 2 and a 1/2 hour drive to bed in the brake pads and clean up the discs for the nct.

                            Obligotary fuel stop pictures.

                            The weather was fantastic making the scenery even more amazing.

                            I can really understand why the 86 has such a following in Ireland. It really comes alive on a backroad and the handling is amazing for something of this vintage.

                            The most important part is passed the nct retest with flying colours, just a little over 2 years since I bought the car in Japan!

                            So next on the cards for this is a decent manifold. It still has the factory manifold and cat, it's such an original car.

                            I can't remember if I mentioned in the thread already but the bumpers front and rear, bonnet and bootlid all got a full respray. After washing the car I can see it has been polished back to the grey primer in parts so It's going to have to get a full respray at some point. I'm currently unsure whether or not to get new metal arches welded in or keep the oem gt apex arch trim.

                            Then it'll be retrim the bride brix.

                            The pace of this will likely slow down a little bit and just going to enjoy it as is for the next while to be honest.


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                              But does she do hoops, laaaaaaad?

                              E39 M5, Mk2 GTI, Mk1 GTI, E30, Caddy vanyadda yadda

                              Stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes.


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                                ha ha She does lad the 2 way diff is seriously tight.


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