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The prancing moose ! 242 TIC

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  • The prancing moose ! 242 TIC

    Well it only took me 11 years to relocate to a country where I could find one that was rust free. I think I posted a love letter for volvo 242's back in 2009 on octane !

    Just picked it up today, after following its' sale for about 2 months. Bought it off a towing company, story goes that it was abandoned 3 years ago at a burger joint, towed by the towing company and stored for 796 days at a cost of 20$ per day. With fines etc it wracked up $16,000 in fees so they yard tried to sell it to make some of the fees back. I paid 2k for it. To me the lack of rust and it being relatively complete was everything.

    It's the original b21ft in it I believe and the interior is shot to hell.

    For some reason it has an agm battery in it, not sure if that's got anything to do with its' lack of spark.

    Immediate plans are to clean the living daylights out of it and get it running and slowly restore it to its'original form, maybe with the addition of some bbs mesh wheels and the touring car spoiler!

    My eldest has already noticed the extra pedals and "stick in the floor."

    2005 toyota sequoia, 1993 300d, 2009 prius, 1984 Volvo 242 turbo intercooler

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    Fair play, an interesting find. You've been waiting a long time for one of these.


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      I love these old 2dr bricks, a few years back my Range Rover garage had one as one of the loan cars & I used to love when they gave that to me. No idea where it ended up, but I always thought I'd like to own one some day. Look forward to seeing it progress.
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        Nice project. Should be fun!


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          since forever, well done on getting one of your dream cars.

          old school turbo boostiness too.

          well wear


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            Yeowww! That took a while to get. I exceedingly happy for you. I'd love one. Are you going to eventually T5 or Whiteblock it?


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              So happy for you dude, enjoy it!


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                Very nice.

                How did the towing company/you etc start it?


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                  "it's just a dream but turbo brick must happen"

                  It's not a dream anymore ADM. You know what to do.
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                    cheers guys, we had to winch it onto the trailer. The engine turns over grand but the spark is the issue so far, as there is none. So I'll go over the usual culprits, they have the same crappy fuses as the Benz so I'll replace those first of all.

                    I've gotta charge the battery, an agm one so my charger isn't setup for that !

                    I love cleaning a filthy car so that'll be too of the list thereafter, it's manky!

                    I'll throw a cheap set of seat covers on it in the meantime until I can source a decent interior or get it redone.

                    It might see a t5 swap engine and t5 mustang box but ls engines are plentiful here and better support so if I've to swap that'd probably be the direction.
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                    2005 toyota sequoia, 1993 300d, 2009 prius, 1984 Volvo 242 turbo intercooler


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                      So doing little bits to it, breaks inbetween work bursts! Agm battery was shagged, bought the cheapest lead acid that would fit ! Spark is not the issue as far as I can make out. Expansion tank has a bunch of goo in it but the oil is clean. Full flush of the cooling system on the cards. Check the timing belt is still attached and it is but cracked to hell so that's on the list. Next to check is the fuel system !

                      A bit of dusting !

                      Did a bit of investigation of the ignition system, We have spark at the coil and spark at the plugs, well 3 out of 4 of them. Going to replace the leads, cap and rotor as a matter of course, hopefully don't need to do a Hall sensor. This car has the chrysler ignition bits which are a pita!

                      Amazingly, this came out ( I soaked them overnight) and it then fired !

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                      2005 toyota sequoia, 1993 300d, 2009 prius, 1984 Volvo 242 turbo intercooler


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                        Did it come with a Key to start it?


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                          Originally posted by Johnny_Limerick View Post
                          Did it come with a Key to start it?
                          Yes indeedy firs the doors and ignition but not trunk or glovebox, it's looking like it needs an engine harness (standard enough on this age of volvo) $300 odd but available which is the good news !

                          It's going to be a slower project mind! Need to conserve the funds until this covid thing is done !
                          2005 toyota sequoia, 1993 300d, 2009 prius, 1984 Volvo 242 turbo intercooler


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                            And now being in America, you can avail of IPD and their Volvo bits, sway bars etc, without horrendous shipping.


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                              Such a cool car. Congrats.
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