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1973 Nissan Fairlady Z

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  • 1973 Nissan Fairlady Z

    This is a motoring experiment. A very Irish experiment, at least brought on by Irish factors, stupid tax, stupid insurance, stupid NCT's etc. After spending a fun few years in large engined saloons and coupes, M5's and the like, a commercial jeep took over as daily transport. There was no longer a need for a motorway crunching uber-saloon, it was easier to take the jeep in most cases, so I decided to have a look at the classic market. I wanted to avoid the tax for one, but I also went pre-1980 to avoid any yearly NCT testing. I settled on the 240z, made from 1970-1973, as I like the shape better than the 260 or 280, and once I got in in my head......you know the rest.....

    Not a lot of them to be found. UK cars are mainly rusty or fully restored, the latter demanding a large premium. I turned to Japan. Garage forecourt sales in Japan demand huge money for anything I seen, usually in concourse or resto-modded condition. I lost days on the websites of rocky auto https://rockyauto.co.jp/, where RB26 G-nose converted examples abound, if you have the 12,000,000 yen or abour 90k euros to stump up for one. Needless to say, I do not. http://www.goo-net-exchange.com wasted my nights spent searching, but it's hard to take a punt on a car that's many thousands of miles away, so I turned to the auctions.......

    Surely buying a car in an auction in Japan is to car nerds, what buying pineapples is to the man from Delmonte, such is the excitement involved. Waiting for a car to come up, setting a maximum bid, waiting to see if it's accepted, the pictures, the shipping etc. It has to be noted that one of the best parts was tracking the movements of the cargo ship from port to port on an app after the car left Japan, the lads Whatsapp group got much amusement out of it. Even when the car was transferred to a smaller ship in Bruges or Rotterdam, and we had all been anxiously tracking the original and wrong boat to Southampton..........

    So the day finally arrived, and I get a call to collect my car that I bought on the other side of the world and never seen or drove. I was a tad excited, as you can imagine. I drove down to the docks with a mate and a jumper pack. This is what I could make out as I waited for the trade unionist to wobble over with the key for the gates......

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    Consider me subscribed


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      I'm subscribed too.


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        Subscribed, restored a 260z back in 2008, should never have sold it.


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            Wow, an adventure without even leaving your house, congrats!!
            I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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              What the flipplin hell is this tease....well im hooked now, cant wait for the next installment...
              171 BMW M2


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                Sounds great, I look forward to following this and am eagerly awaiting photos.


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                  Great news.... looking forward to the pics

                  Bad news is I'm now going down a rabbit hole on those websites. It's something I'd love to do sometime. I suppose the cost of the unknown puts me off.



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                    Maaaaan i hate suspense threads, get on with it lol.


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                      Generally you'd get a car professionally photographed when buying through auction, if there's time, depending on whether you see it coming up for auction in a day or two, or an hours time.....

                      It's worth noting that in the two or threee months I was looking for a 240, two cars came up for auction, just two. I could have had a 260 or 280 no problem, but I had gotten it into my head about a 240, and nothing else would do. There was a rough white car, and then mine eventually. I wasn't exactly spoiled for choice. It was grade R, as most of the classic or modified cars would be, but the spec sheet, the inspection and the photographs told the tale. There is always going to be an element of 'Taking a punt' involved in buying a 45 year old sports car a billion miles away unseen and undriven, so at some stage you just have to go for it.

                      Here are some of the pics I received.

                      It looked pretty good in fairness. It looked red in the pics, I hate red but had no others to choose from. When it arrived orange I was even more surprised. I hate orange more.


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                        Much want for this car. Looks amazing.


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                          What's under the hood, judging by the exhaust the engine isn't stadard. Stroked L28?
                          The car looks great in fairness.


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                            Love the orange! Bronze wheels would suit it lovely!


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                              That's a cool looking machine.

                              Originally posted by miller View Post
                              Love the orange! Bronze wheels would suit it lovely!
                              I prefer the black and orange. Doctors differ and all that ..


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