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Concorso d'Eleganza / RM Sothebys / Lamborghini & Ferrari & Alfa Romeo Museo - photos

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  • Concorso d'Eleganza / RM Sothebys / Lamborghini & Ferrari & Alfa Romeo Museo - photos

    Last weekend and few more days I spend in Italy. Visit few museums and shows. I'd like to share photos from them and instead of making few different threads I will post few post here with few photos from each event.

    First I tried to visit Zagato factory - the coachbuilder I love but unfortunatelly to visit their showroom you need to make appointment. I didn't know that as there is no information on their website or anything plus I send them mail last year but they never answer. I was close to it so decide to go and see. Took only one photo...

    Second place I visit was Museo Storico Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo Museum). I have to say that this was the best museum I have ever been in. Forget about Ferrari or Lamborghini musuem, this is place every petrolhead should visit. Very quiet place with few people around, I could take as many photos as I wish. A lot of cars in the museum...


    Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

    On saturday I went to Como/Cernobbio for Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este and here I had problem with media pass as I got one for Villa Erba not for Villa d'Este so I couldn't get the show on saturday. I wasn't the only one with this problem. There was guy working for some magazine in Finland and he came there especially for this event so both of us were "fighting" for entry. After 6 hours waiting, ringing some media managers we finally could get to Villa d'Este. Unfortuntelly it was late and many people still looking at cars so I didn't have chance to take some good photos. Sunday was my hope for some better photos but about this in next part. What made my day was Mr Horacio Pagani driving in his Pagani Huayra BC and Ferrari F12TDF. Now time for photos from Saturday:

    Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

    Back to what I said earlier that I couldn't take any good photos on Saturday... Some may say I could of stay longer, until the end of the show like I'm usually doing to take some good photos. Well, I couldn't because there was RM Sotheby's auction taking place in Villa Erba on Saturday evening. I wanted to take some good photos there too. Unfortunatelly cars left their stand before I got there so my chance to get some good photos gone. There was a little chance that I can have some good photos while cars being auctioned. Evening came too fast and was a bit dark to get some decent shots but I manage to get a few.

    In this part I will post photos from Sunday as well. It was public part of Concorso d'Eleganza and I finally was hapy with my photos but then I had to leave to catch my bus and then train. If I only knew that timetables in internet are wrong (like 99% of italian timetables/nothing on time), I came on bus stop and wait there for an hour on a bus and I could spend that hour on show and take a lot of nice photos but nothing I can do now...

    RM Sotheby's

    Concorso d'Eleganza (Villa Erba)

    After that I went to Modena and spend two night in one of the worst hotel I have ever slept in but at least didn't cost me much. When you hear Modena/Maranello you think Ferrari and that was the reason I went there. It was my second visit in Ferrari but they change exhibition every year or two, not sure about this. Ferrari Museum have two parts: one in Modena called Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena and Ferrari Museum in Maranello. I visit Enzo Museum first and it was great like two years ago but then I went to Maranello and comparing to two years ago it was very poor. Few cars on display and no chance to take any photos. I took few but none of them is worth to post.

    Museo Enzo Ferrari

    My last day in Italy was the hottest day of the weekend and the day I visit Museum of Lamborghini. It's very small museum but very nice. I went there only to see Veneno which was on display. I saw other cars from there two years ago but not Veneno. Other that museum it's worth to stay outside it for few minutes and see how cars are taken for test drives. Many Lamborghinis leaving factory and goind for a spin. I saw many Aventador S driving there, I saw my first Huracan Performante and saw some Huracan with different exhaust. Never saw it before and thought it may be some facelifting or something. Maybe some of you will know.

    Museo Lamborghini

    Hope you enjoy those photos.
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    You lucky devil! You must have enjoyed that!
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      Great photos, thanks for sharing.


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        Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't mind to see more pictures from Alfa museum. Sorry to hear about your problems but that's all the part of traveling sometimes I've heart there is special exhibition in Lamborghini museum at the moment dedicated to Ayrton Senna and all the cars he driven. Do you have any more pictures from that section ?
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          Great photos Marcin, thanks for sharing
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            I think the plain white McLaren-Lamborghini tested by Senna is in the background in one of the pictures.


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