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What's the longest drive you've ever done?

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    During a severe but short-lived bout of man-flu while camping somewhere near Pemberton in Gloucester National Park (WA) I decided warmer weather would cure my ailments.
    Apols for not knowing the exact month off-hand, but we were not fully equipped to camp at such latitude in this relatively cold weather. I may have overlooked the page on weather in my Lonely Planet (Western Australia edition) at the time. We were in a hired car (white corolla) provided by a well-known firm beginning with H and ending in Z. And, despite the commitment I made to drive on asphalt only, we made use of the many unsealed roads in WA over the course of the hire period. It was 1998 during their 'winter' - when many/some move north for a few months to escape to warmer climes - for example, Ningaloo reef (where we eventually ended up).

    This generalisation was poorly derived from a sample of one, a couple who had a vineyard near Margaret River (WA) and were encamped in Ningaloo for this very reason. On a side note, they invited us to dinner at their camp to celebrate our surprising arrival through the sand dunes in the hired corolla, and the successful erection of our humble 2-person dome tent. My main take-aways from that evening were long-forgotten details of the annual migration north, and that a good Port after a meal aids digestion.

    Back to the story. On the day of our escape north, we departed a hut in the middle of some part of this vast forested area. I not sure how we found it - it was a few hours on a forest track away from anything resembling civilisation. Writing this now, I am relieved all over again to come home unscathed - not even a puncture througout the whole trip after near 2.2K kms, no mobile phones, sat nav etc.
    We (myself and Mrs DMM, the GF at that time) shared the car but I did the driving - from Gloucester National Park north to somewhere beyond the Pinnacles (Numbing National Park) -which google maps tells me is near 600km, in about 7-8 hours with one stop for man-flu tablets and fuel.
    The trip continued for a couple more weeks as far as Exmouth and then inland a bit... where those vicious corrugated red dirt roads threw their all at the corolla but miraculously never made a dent in her progress.
    I used to notice the odd looks received from locals in Landcruisers and the like on these tracks, but on reflection it was very risky - so I am just glad that we had zero issues.

    Of course the main achievement when returning said vehicle was not incurring penalties for my deviations from the asphalt. The words ' no I don't know where that red dust all over the underbody came from' come back to me now
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      Not as exciting, but everyone I attempt to leave Texas it's about 3-4hrs until we're truly out of it.

      Longest haul was a shot to LA from Dallas in the truck with a then 3 and 5 year old. Took 3 days going as we were sightseeing, took in valley of the gods (forest gump backdrop)

      And the Cadillac ranch as well as a whole bunch of stuff on the way.

      Couldn't pay the kids to do it now. Five mins past the house and they're already asking for how long ti we're back home.

      Single shot best so far I did is 17 hrs from Phoenix to home. Those little bottles of liquid speed they sell at the gas stations 24hr energy whatever, a six pack will keep you going !

      I got herself to take a pic of us arriving back in Dallas at 3am that time, because the kids wanted their own bed Vs a motel stop. Never again.

      I much prefer taking a week off and seeing how far we can safely manage to get somewhere.

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        I've done Donegal to Cork and vice versa a few times but the longest drive I think I've done in Ireland in one day was Belfast to Galway, Galway to Dublin and Dublin to Belfast - 720 odd km.


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          Longest day driving I've put down was in Namibia a few years ago. Took over 13 hours on corrugated sand roads in a rented Toyota Corolla. Had to turn back once or twice to select a different route due to deep, dry sand that would require a 4x4 and plenty of momentum. Not the greatest hire car choice of all time 😂 Trundling along at 20km/h with the suspension making pinging sounds (presumably touching off bump stops or something along those lines?).

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            Namibia! Incredible.
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              in a rented corolla, lol
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