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Car trends that you never liked....

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  • Car trends that you never liked....

    What car trends from back in the day, or current, that you never liked? Either modified or factory? Taste is in the eye of the beholder of course, and some friends really hate what I have on some on my cars..... but I I have a few pet peeves...
    I have always loved modified cars (tastefully, and a compromise where form does not come before function)......

    1. Black bonnets.
    I never liked the crashed car panel replacement look. I just never got it. I don't care if it's real carbon fibre hand woven by virgins, or just a steel bonnet painted black, it should be painted body colour. The whole "I found a black replacement bonnet in a scrap yard" look always grated on me.

    2. Single drivers bucket seat.
    You have a nice road car with a nice interior, and then you fit one Bride/ Cobra/ Recaro bucket seat (in blue/ red/ black) for the drivers seat. Totally out of whack with the rest of the interior, let alone the standard passenger seat beside it. Nah....

    3. Aftermarket gauges self tappered willy-nilly on the dashboard.
    Who doesn't like gauges? No one! But come on, put some thought and class into them by making them look as close to factory fitment as you can by using gauge pods/ adapters and routing the wiring. The whole I have a lovely modified car, but I ruined the dashboard with self tapper screws holding random gauges with wires hanging out really was always a bad look for me.

    4. Extreme coil overs/ suspension
    So you build a very capable road car with 6 squillion horse power, but have suspension so extreme that you can't drive it over 50kph for risk of breaking something or your teeth rattling out. So for 90% of it's use on real roads in real life, you can only use 50bhp of it's squillion. "But it's amazing on track!!" for the twice a year that you drive it on one.....
    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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    Single wiper conversions.
    Stretched tyres.
    Windscreen decals cutting off the top of the screen.
    Gauges on the A pillar.
    And Golf R's


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      I love a lowered car but there are certain nuances that I like to avoid:

      1. As you mention Markcro, the suspension/height should suit the purpose of the thing.

      2. Lower at the back than the front. Just because you can go lower at the back (because front wheels need to turn) doesn't mean that it looks good. In fact, I always try to keep a smaller front arch gap than rear (even if the sills aren't 100% equidistant to the ground). Looking at you BMW people...

      3. Mega-low cars. If you're into it, grand. But not for me. Always seems to make cars look a little like a 'caricature' of a car.


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        1) Budget tyres on performance cars drives me up the wall

        2) Rear wiper deletes - like why?

        3) Super low suspension - must be getting older but never got it

        4) Black grills on BMW’s - the chrome is infinitely nicer

        5) Every single VAG group car being sponsored by Maxton kits, Stage 65 remaps and generally all looking and sounding exactly the same (exhausts, wheels, etc)

        There’s more that I can’t think of but I will…


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          1. Boo Boy cars in general
          2. Stupid "funny for da craic laaad" decals on the rear windows of said boo boy cars.
          3. Aftermarket DRLs and xenons


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            Diesels engines in anything bar a commercial vehicle!
            Electric motors!


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              Automatic sports cars.


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                A lot of trends originally had a logical reason to them, people copy them because they think it's cool.

                The original reason for a black bonnet is to reduce glare like on the Datsun 240Z Safari.

                People paint their cars in tribute to the their heroes, and other people copy them. It's far from the worst trend, like some of the ill-advised extremes of stance/stretch tyres. Not to get too snotty or pearl clutching about such things, but there is line between "not that big a deal" / personal taste and genuine hazard on the road. Folks stepping over that line make life more difficult for the rest of the modding community.



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                  3D 4D & 5d gel plates,
                  Hawaii hulla hoops banges off the mirrors
                  Bo Booo diesels
                  Sun Visors
                  Shopping list decals
                  Rear wiper deletes
                  Sharkfin aerials
                  Evo 20 sytle roof stick on bits ion Altezzas
                  Slammed cars
                  Dump valves (on diesels)

                  I'm a life long fan of rear window latts and think there on the way back but not in a good way.


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                    Originally posted by Aontroim View Post

                    2. Lower at the back than the front. Just because you can go lower at the back (because front wheels need to turn) doesn't mean that it looks good.



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                      Smokey tdi yokes that are smoky for no reason only the best part of the owners ran down their father's legs..

                      E39 M5, Mk2 GTI, Mk1 GTI, E30, Caddy vanyadda yadda

                      Stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes.


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                        It's the "Stage 1" "Stage 2" stuff that does my head in. Budget tyres on yokes "Yes your chasers an animal spinning silage pit Sunny's in 3rd"


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                          3D license plates look :D:D:D:D.

                          Comic Sans, the choice of the professional.


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                            US indicator mod, lads driving with front indicators on solid in the shitebox tdi bora's, we ain't in the US lads
                            335i #Team500


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                              It warms the heart that a fella is being accompanied by so many lime minded souls

                              I don't mind the carbon bonnet and things on some cars really but it needs to be very track focuses although still don't like unpainted carbon wings if the rest of the car is colour coded. Just looks like your being lazy or cheap.
                              I've a carbon bonnet and bits for my M3 and there's not a hope they'll be left unpainted.

                              DRLs are a trend that annoys me to be honest but mostly due to people with them not having their lights on at night as they're happy out with the drl candles in front.

                              Stretched or crap tyres is ridiculous too compounded by lads then saying they can't put the power down so have to run 17s, 18s or 19s lol
                              or lads that have big brake kits and top end suspension and then the cheapest tyres and rubbish brake pads.


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