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How to build British (C4 TV series)

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  • How to build British (C4 TV series)

    Interesting series on Channel 4 might be worth a watch.
    An access-all-areas look at the step-by-step process of how to construct the most impressive cars on the planet, told by the specialists who do it every day

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    One thing the Brits do well is selling themselves. It’s like they’ve latched onto notions that they are somehow a religious order and folk should just give them money for believing in them. It served them well for decades as they attracted lots of foreign business but with Brexit it means they’ll have to work even harder to promote themselves and with us being so close, we’ll never hear the end of it

    A recent fast track opportunity for science grads received zero applications....
    I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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      That link won't load for me Alfaguy, when is it on?


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        You have to have a VPN that allows you to "relocate" your IP address to a city in the UK as Channel 4 on demand iPlayer is only available in the UK.

        The next episode (The caterham 7) is on More 4 on Tue Nov 30th @ 9pm if you can get more 4 on your satellite.

        But then seen one vehicle build programme you have seen them all as most cars get manufactured the exact same way - with the exception of perhaps the Morgan or Caterham 7 episodes.
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          I've seen a few episodes - Mini, Caterham and F-Type. It's pretty good. Kind of overselling the British element, not least when several of the Mini people have German accents, but to be expected! Also, way too many ad break recaps, hate that sh¡te. But it's good to watch how a car comes together.
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            Discovery did a whole series on how supercars are put together, plus there’s lots of YouTube vids on it...
            I’m standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused?? 🤨🤪


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              Nothing beats going to the factory to see the real thing.