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Using Quads on Public Roads

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  • Using Quads on Public Roads

    Is this even possible these days. This article seems to suggest it is possible once its taxed / insured / registered / correct tyres etc but I never see them on the roads unless they are being used by farmers on short trips to their fields etc so it must not be so easy to get them road legal otherwise there would be more about?

    A quad bike is an important vehicle for a number of farmers around the country – but are all quad owners fully up-to-date with regulations?

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      GARDAÍ have issued a warning over the use of quads on public roads after two incidents in Donegal last night. Two quads were seized by Gardaí following separate incidents in...


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        Originally posted by Alfaguy View Post
        Is this even possible these days. This article seems to suggest it is possible once its taxed / insured / registered / correct tyres etc
        Yes, the EU classifications for these vehicles is L6e (Light Quadricycle) and L7e (Heavy Quadricycle over 450KG) and covers not just quads but vehicles like the Renault Twizy, G-Wiz, or French Microcars.

        They can be registered in Ireland provided that they have a certificate of conformity.

        VRT Manual Section 01A - VRT Vehicle Classification and Tax Categories (revenue.ie)

        Engine power for these is limited to 4KW and 15KW respectively and they're not supposed to be capable of more than 45KPH for light quads anyway. I'm not sure about heavy quadricycle speed limitations.

        Anyway, if the chase was genuinely a "high speed" one as the Donegal paper says and not Irish Journalist headsplode hyperbole, then they were probably recreational off road quads not intended for road use.

        Recreational quads are often 2WD and more unstable and just need to be treated with respect like a motocross dirt bike while quads intended for work are usually are 4WD and more inert, and of course, not as fun.


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          Woo that 2 stroke can move! That looks like fun!!
          We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"


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            Taxed and registered:


            Definitely the exception though. Last time I saw a quad with a plate on it was probably about 8-10 years ago.


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              I was out on the bike (pedal) during the summer near Ladies View and was passed by a road registered Yamaha Banshee type quad. Not a farm type yoke, more a racing type one. As far as I know they could be road registered originally until the regs changed but anything registered before the new regs was still legal.