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    Originally posted by mk2glenn View Post

    That form seems totally pointless, may aswell go to your VRT appointment and let them do the work.
    100%. And given how they operate it's hard to know whether offering up market data will be used for you, or against you.


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      Originally posted by AndrewOBW View Post

      Plenty of 7s about that have hit the 30 year mark and definitely still solid track cars, but also worth looking at kits registered on age related plates. I brought my Westfield over with a VRT exemption, but I registered it in the UK on age related plates ('91 donor registered in 2019 on a H plate), and they still let me register it as a 91 here so I have classic tax on it.

      Even if you wanted to go down the newer route, Westfields generally don't attract the same prices as a Caterham, so you won't get hit as hard with VRT, but set up correctly will be every bit as quick.
      Cheers, not completely fixed on a 7 just one of a few that are in the running. All of the cars shortlisted are left field so to speak just to make my life that bit harder 🤣
      1996 Volvo 850 T5 wagon
      1974 Triumph TR6
      1999 Alpina B10 V8


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