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    Beauty! More photos please


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      Very cool car, congrats!


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        Congratulations on the new wheels, looks like you need a lot of patience when buying new these days. That looks like a cracker, very understated too. How do you find the new seats? I think they look the business, racaro or not...


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          Cheers all. I had bought a cheap runabout for 1500 and didn't expect to be driving it for 11 months. Patience isn't something I excel at so I had many doubts over the last year, I couldn't stay off donedeal.

          New seats are great, I found the Mk7 recaros perfect on my old ST but the pre-facelift mk8 recaros were a bit too snug for my liking. My only comment (which my wife has highlighted) is that the side bolsters on the base are quite high so require a bit of maneuvering to get in and out of.

          I'll try take some decent photos when I get around to washing it on Monday, might pop along to Bray Sunday morning if I wake up early in case anyone wants a closer look.

          I think they will be a rare car in Ireland if the recent price increases are anything to go by, I only know of one other 5dr grey one and there are two 3dr green ones which have literally just arrived in the country.


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            Some pictures since I got a chance to wash it properly over the long weekend. 1500km on it now so I think it's sufficiently worn in to give it the beans once warm...
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