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    Kaiser that sounds about right from what people are commenting on Facebook.

    Titan I'm hoping people get in contact. It would be great to give people a platform to get recognised for the specialist skills they have. Surely we must have people here that can do most of the jobs. The channel is all about positive vibes for me.

    As regards the car the styling is very understated but thats a Japanese thing, if you're wealthy you have a discreet modesty unlike other cultures where its very in your face. The real wealth of detail is in the quality engineering and depth of build quality. This car is on another planet in that respect to the CL500 I drove months back.


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      The specialist trade topic is a great idea, a lot of these workshops may not be widely known and have little or no social media presence.

      Would be great to showcase what’s available and of course help their business where possible.

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        HawkAl that's what I was thinking and it would be nice to have a bank of videos so people could have a look back to find them. Some of this might not even be a business but it might be people with a certain skill they're happy to offer.

        I'll put together a stand alone video for early next week to offer it to people via the channel.


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          Best of luck with it,I think your onto something there.

          Hopefully you get enough interest from the people with the skills,hidden or not,out there.


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            Do you have a skill or business that can help keep Irish Classic or Specialist cars on the road? Would you like to make a short video with me explaining what you do, how it might be useful and how you can be contact? WATCH THE VIDEO for more information. This is for people and Businesses on the Island of Ireland only. Please share the video to brand specific Facebook groups and Clubs. It would be great to give these small business or individuals a platform to highlight what they do.


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              Hi folks and welcome to this weeks video of John's Garage.

              We're trying something new this week and it's a concept I'm going to refine a bit more over the next few weeks.

              In short, I'm going to look at the history of specific models and cars. If you have any car you'd like me to focus on, even better if you have one and would be happy to supply some video and images of it, I'm happy to do the research and put everything together. I've reached out to several channels to see if they'd give me permission to use their video clips but sadly I've only received PFO type replies if any.

              Covid is playing havoc with my job which is changing for the 4th time in 12 weeks so it's proving a major challenge to get out to film cars, so anyone who has been in contact with me that's why I've been a bit quiet/slow in replying. Please bear with me.

              Anyway, this weeks video, a little delve into the history of the 1974-1981 3rd generation of the Toyota Corolla.


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                This weeks episode of John's Garage is going to feature an AS NEW 1985 Toyota Carina II with 30k miles from new. The episode will be available to view at 1pm on Thursday 2nd December. Due to a change in my work I may not be able to post a link on time so please follow the channel and click the bell to get an alert when it's available to view. https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnsGarageIreland/featured20211026_115732.jpg


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                  Carina II is coming tomorrow......this will be here in a fortnight though, original and unrestored 535i Sport535i Sport.jpg


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                    BONUS VIDEO, I've been editing this evening to get a Brexit import video done.

                    For anyone considering importing a car I've made a video showing how to calculate what you'll owe, be warned, the 1992 OMSP is from the Revenue website but they'll calculate it using their (un)lucky dip system


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                      This week on John's Garage I take a 1985 Toyota Carina II in Camel Two Tone Beige for a drive. This car is like new and really surprised me with how good they were. What do you think? Let me know in the comments under the video.

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                        I hope people enjoyed that. There will be a model history video next week.


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                          That post Brexit import video was a good idea. Should hopefully help as an 'explainer' so as people can gather a better understanding on the costs involved.

                          I've a soft spot for that gen Carina II - proper high point for Toyota in my opinion. I actually prefer that model to it's replacement. Like many instances, it stems from my dad driving an '86 example, also a GL, but the facelift model with a revised grille trim, full size rear fog and reverse lamps, and a full centre console which had a flip top stowage bin between the seats (pseudo armrest), and a cooler box ahead of the gear lever and below the radio. It transformed the feel of the interior over the models without. I think the pic below has one retro fitted as the entire cooler box should be the same colour as the rest of the interior, rather than black as in the pic.
                          Definitely elevated above it's class competition of the era, and as you correctly pointed out it felt a huge leap forward from the equivalent generation Corolla of the period.
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                            Todays video is slightly delayed until 8pm this evening, it'll be a look at the history of the first gen Carina II that was featured last week including some advertisements used when it was new in Ireland, Japan and New Zealand.


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                              This week on John's Garage we take a look at the history of the 4th Generation Toyota Carina II including some Irish and International ads from when it was new. You won't find this anywhere else (literally, I looked, there is no video of it and barely any articles about it online)

                              Enjoy, and please feel free to share, like and subscribe.


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                                This week on John's Garage we're going to take a drive in a very rare and beautifully finished BMW E34 535i Sport. The episode will be available from Thursday 1pm.



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