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Malin Head to Mizen Head

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    Originally posted by Flet View Post
    The west Cork coastline is a nice place of an autumn evening:

    did you get your effort into Wikipedia???


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      If anyone fancied a crack at M2M now would be an ideal time with the night time economy closed in ROI at 8pm, a lot of darkness and temps mostly staying above freezing at night.

      While you’re up there someone might take a look at Kowalski’s graffiti too.
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        I drove up, well was chauffered up by my 17 year old, on Steven's night and thought of this thread and had similar thoughts. Very little traffic encountered on the N2 or A5 and 0 cops seen anywhere.


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          I've a mate who did it on a skateboard for charity. And just for extra hardship went by the coastal roads.


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            Originally posted by Kowalski View Post
            So if anyone wants to know what the driving record is, the wall of the Malin Signal tower that’s closest to the start / finish line has several plaques commemorating significant and memorable Mizen - Malin journeys of all types over the years. Slightly below them and to the right, there’s a 3 digit number scratched in the render that represents the number of minutes taken to complete the trip, which was set by a car without stopping, apparently.
            I wonder... I was up that neck of the woods not so long ago.
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              Took ye a while to find that

              337 = 5 hours 37 mins.

              It was a great run, left at 11pm and didn’t stop for fuel or anything. It averaged about 32mpg - it was a real balancing act between range and average speed…. A lot of prep and assistance went in to monitoring that on the fly.

              Route was up through the middle of the country, unconventional but brilliant.

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                ^ You've the perfect handle for that kind of exercise dude

                (Glad to hear you steered clear of the Cats.. )


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                  Was just up there searching for the timings. I might have to go and recheck as I didn't see it at all.

                  Perfect visibility tonight too, Scotland clearly visible.

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